Nothing has been working...

Well hello there!

Finally I got the internet to work here at home. I have no idea what the problem has been cause it has been working on my iPad, phone but not my laptop. I've even tried other computers connected to my internet and they have worked. But as usual when this problems appear I call my dad which more or less always solves them and seems to have done it again. It seems like there are some files that get confused or something and has to be removed. I did that and it didn't want to work, so I took a trip to school to see if that would solve the problem and very much so. When I started my laptop at school it worked just as normal. I couldn't concentrate in school so shortly after I downloaded all the material I needed for the day I was on my way back home. And guess what, now my internet works at home as well... Very very weird but it works and well I guess that is what I really care about.

Due to all this complication this morning has made me not accomplish as much as I had wished by this time of the day. But slowly I'm getting there. Might have to move something to this weekend instead or so since the day only has so many hours. In a few hours I'm heading down town to find the second pair of glasses I want to get, it is complicated.. They have to have the right look, right feeling and not be to close to my eyes cause otherwise my eyelashes just make them dirty withing minutes. After the trip into town I'm finally gonna remember to give Julia a call, was supposed to do that Monday afternoon but got distracted by other things. We will both be out walking so we more or less are on a walk together but in different places in Sweden. Later this evening I'm heading to the gym as well, is my goal.

Well that's about it for now. I should make a snack or so and finish off some little task before heading into town!