In school

Good morning!

I'm trying something new, arriving in school way to early. I've been in school for about an hour now and I've gotten quite a lot done already. My goal with this change is to have more time for things not related to school. I always fall asleep between 21-23 depending on how tired I am and waking up early doesn't affect my amount of sleep. What I also have noticed (was waking up early last spring as well) is that I'm the most effective early in the morning. Another thing that is nice is that there isn't anyone else at school so it is very nice and quiet. It is also a nice feeling that when I've done half of my days work is when most of the other students just are getting started.

Well what have I done this morning? I've been studying for my retest that is coming up soon, the date for it might be changed since the teacher was so slow at correcting the test. The school has a policy that the results should be given to the students latest 12 working days before the test and since this hasn't been done the goal is to have the test later.. But I'm aiming at the original date, just in case it doesn't get moved I don't have to stress study the last minute.

When I'm done going through this test I'm doing now (I practice on old tests) I'm going to write a lot for a group project and if I finish that before lunch I'll continue with some research for my essay. If I don't have time for that I'll continue with that tomorrow. In the afternoon, after a break, I'm going to study for my statistics test. For some reason I have real difficulties but I'm working through all the problems from the beginning and hoping that will help and after that start looking at old test. So far I'm almost done with lecture 3 or 4, can't remember. But I've almost done 1/4 of all the pages!

My short break now is over and I should continue working, but first I'm going to get up and walk around a little bit.

Not this much snow left now but still quite a bit, I'll take a new picture this week so you'll see!