How much can one bake in one day?


Last weekend we spent almost all of Saturday with baking bread. Made four loafs as usual! But this time I succeeded with baking them all the way through, last time I was a bit impatient so they we're a bit doughy. In the middle of baking the I suddenly had the urge to bake some cookies to. So during the time we waited for the bread to raise a last time 90 cookies where in the making. Might sound like a lot of work but these cookies are simple to make, or at least for me cause I've made for as long as I can remember. Always baked these with my grandmother each time I came to visit and when she was too old to help she sat next too me giving me tips. And now I bake them at least for Christmas each year but might start baking them more often if I get the little measurement doohickey up here that my grandfather made. It makes all the cookies the same length.

A few of the cookies done! So yummy, don't really know what to call them in English but in Swedish we call the"kolakakor". Can look up the recipe later so you can make these yummy bites too! Can also mention that the cookie monsters (not only me!!) have been at it so there aren't that many cookies left. đŸ˜ž

Well, the dough decided to rise so much that the bowl I had placed it in almost fell over. There for Fredrik had to hold it the rest of the time of the rising.

Here are the loafs. If you're wondering about the two to the right, they had to rise a bit longer and well I haven't excelled in that part yet! But at least none of the loafs are doughy!

On top of this we also made a huge amount of meatballs to put in the freezer. About 4-5 meals for us (so a total of 8-10 meals per person). The recipe used to make the meatballs is my grandfathers so they are of course my favorite as well! Can't wait till lunch today when we are going to fry some of these for lunch 😍