Better than yesterday

Today has been a much better day than yesterday. All the electronics has been working correctly for me. I finish one assignment today, we were supposed to discuss a few questions that was handed out by our teacher in the beginning of the course. I've spent a lot of time inside today which hasn't been that nice since we have had clear blue skies and 23 degrees Celsius with mild breezes. I got to spend a little time out in the sun when we went through the questions and during lunch while we ate some ice cream. You know about my goal to eat better but when it is this nice weather in Sweden you eat ice cream end of story.

So what have I more done today after school, I went to a spring exhibition here in Luleå. Not a lot of people there today, probably due to the nice weather. Walked around and looked at some stuff but didn't find anything I wanted so returned home again. For me the weekend has started and I'm gonna have a glass of wine. Asked for something crispy when I bought it but can't really agree that it was crispy in the way I imagined it to be. But now I know... See you laaater!

An oldie but a nice picture. :)