A walk in the sunset

Hey guys!

This past week has been busy. First I finally celebrated my birthday almost a month later but that doesn't really matter in my opinion. Many people don't celebrate their birthdays when they get older but that is probably something I will always continue doing. Not only to have a party but it is a way to get all my friends gathered now when we live spreed out over the whole country. Even if we don't need a birthday or something special this is just how it has turned out to be!

So what have I been doing all week? Well, mainly studying. Our tests are in two weeks so it is near. It always feels like it is really far till the tests and then suddenly it is next week or so. Every time it gets me.. But this time I've not fallen behind in any subject either. Haven't had many lectures either this period. A few more wouldn't have hurt but the teachers answer quickly by e-mail.

Yesterday we changes the tires on the car to the winter ones. It is getting could up here with about -2 degrees Celsius in the morning. Sometimes it is warmer during the day if it is sunny which it was most of yesterday. You can really start to feel the change in the season and it's soon time to go and get the winter shoes from the basement and all the winter coats. Yes, I do own a few but they have different purposes. Well after changing the tires and doing some work for school we decided to take a walk around the little mountain or whatever you should call it, hill maybe is a better word for it. Anyway it was a nice 45 minute walk with the sunset in front of us between the trees.

Well now lunchtime is over and I'm off to get a cup of tea and relocate myself to the quite part of the library. Hopefully I'll get some more stuff done there!