Things You Didn’t Know About Japan – An insight into Japanese Culture

Japan has three popular major city areas: Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Tokyo’s population is about 34 million, Nagoya is about 11 million, and Osaka has 18 million. Now, the total population of these areas is half of Japan. So, for someone who wants to visit Japan, a lifetime wouldn’t probably be enough.

Japan is known for its fascinating culture. Once you will be there, you will absolutely adore it. And you’re not the only one – more and more people decided to travel to Japan and emerge in its delicious culture. But you might wonder what’s so special about Japan? Many things, fortunately.

One of the most interesting things about Japan is that it is different, at least that’s what most foreigners said. Even the tiniest aspect about Japan will make you feel like you’re living the dream and certainly become a true Japan-o-holic. Everything is an adventure – each moment, you don’t know what to expect, and perhaps this is what makes Japan so special and unique. Of course, any other country might make you feel like you’ve discovered heaven, but believe it, Japan really has a totally different and unique culture.

Japan. Endless discovery

Around 150 years ago (1603 – 1868), Japan didn’t have much contact with the outside world. Foreigners weren’t even allowed to enter the country, which has given the Japanese culture the chance to grow independently of other external influences for more than 200 years. It’s the reason why Japan has such a unique culture, which can still be felt nowadays. Believe it or not, Japan is the world’s first country, which is another thing that makes it so fascinating. Many things aren’t just as people think they are in Japan, which makes it difficult for foreigners to understand or describe certain aspects of its culture.

Life in Japan can be very interesting – or frustrating. It depends on how you want to see things. Living in Japan as a foreigner can be just as you’ve found something else, or encountered a new piece of the world that challenges your earlier thoughts. Additionally, you’ll find there many fascinating cultural terms:

  • Japan’s temples

  • Women in kimono

  • Art of tea ceremony

  • Calligraphy

  • Flower arrangements everywhere

And then comes the abundance of modern Japan, full of game centers, such as gambling locations, karaoke, Harajuku girls, etc. Even if it might seem like Japan has adopted more Western influences, it always finds a new way to transform everything like it’s their own. Probably after reading this article, you will still be confused as to why people love Japan so much. But we will give you a sight of what it’s like to visit Japan.

Indeed, life in Japan can be difficult. Apparently, all visitors were mystified by the complexity and diversity of Japanese culture. But they all become enthusiasts, wanting to be back for more. Although Japan is not necessarily famous for its casinos, gambling is a very popular activity there. For those interested to gamble in Japan, they can try at Japanese online casino Vera and John. It’s the most popular online casino for Japanese people. You’ll get luxurious bonuses, as well as tournaments and generous prizes. More than 800 games are awaiting you to show your skills. Also, the latest versions are introduced, so you won’t have to worry about getting bored.

Fun things to do in Japan

Japan is a country with the perfect mix of tranquility, but chaos too. You’ll encounter some epic adventures in nature, and also crazy experiences that you might not even have anywhere else in the world. There are so many things to do in Japan that will likely take you a few visits until you check them all on your list. You can dance with robots, monkeys in the water, to have a walk in a bamboo forest, or try more modern options, such as visiting an online casino. Whether it is your first time traveling to Japan, or you’re already familiar with the “Land of the rising sun”, here’s what to do in Japan:

  • Soak in a Japanese hot spring bathing location.

  • Hop inside a Japanese photo booth and have a quick memorable experience.

  • Experience the local life – order drinks and some plates: Japan is famous for its culinary art.

  • Be sure to explore one of Japan’s museums – teamLab Borderless museum will be an experience you won’t forget soon.

  • If you’re planning to stay long, why not take your knowledge of Japanese cuisine a bit deeper? Take a cooking class on your trip.

  • Have a good book, a snack, pop on your headphones, and take a ride on a Bullet Train. It’s a wonderful experience and you’ll travel to more than two cities in Japan.

  • Japan can be crowded, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy peace and tranquility. There is a large zone of Japan where you can hike, and try other out-of-the-extraordinary experiences. The Kumano Kodo is a mountain in a small village where you’ll have a real taste of Japan’s culture.

  • Visit the Jigokudani Park to see snow monkeys. It’s tourists’ most entertaining activity to do during the week in Japan. But be prepared: it’ll take you at least three hours to get there from Tokyo, but it’s well-worth it. Here’s a tip to not get bored during your trip to the park: download the most popular online casino Vera and John, and get into a gambling journey. Select your favorite type of game and compete with other players on games of luck and chance.

As you can imagine, there are many other captivating things you can do in Japan. Indeed, in a culturally rich country such as Japan, it’s difficult to know how to spend your time there. Hopefully, the ideas above will give you a glimpse of how to prepare for your journey to Japan. Plus, depending on the period you’re planning to visit Japan, you might even have fun at one of the annual Japanese traditional events. You’ll learn more about Japanese culture and customs during this period.



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