Insanely helpful tools to use if you’re an ambitious blogger

Blogging is a highly fulfilling activity regardless of the niche you approach. Even if the road to becoming a professional blogger is challenging, you can transform it into a full-time profession. There are three ways to monetize your blog and make enough income to live off of. With tools like WordPress at hand, it’s easy to start a blog and monetize it with sponsored posts, affiliate links, and ads. Creating content to support these activities requires a lot of energy and time, but it can make you a significant amount of money. If your website gets enough traffic, companies will come directly to you and ask you to place their ad or casino plugin on your blog. You can also reach them and sell content space for links, buttons, banners and other types of private ads.

Blogging isn’t easy because beyond writing blocks of text and picking catchy images, you need to promote your brand, sign contracts with collaborators, manage your content, engage with readers, and collect payment. This is why successful bloggers use a combination of tools to make their job less hectic. Here are some tools that can help you to excel in the blogging industry.

Blog topic generator

Every blogger had days when they sat down at their laptop and stared at it for an hour without coming with a subject for a new article. It’s called writer’s block, and even the best bloggers have it because the creative juices aren’t always flowing. To break through these moments, you can use a blog topic generator like the one HubSpot offers. This tool allows you to brainstorm ideas connected to your blog’s theme and find a topic that would engage your readers. You type a few terms like CSS border image in the form, and the resource provides you with a list of topics you can write.

Plugins for affiliate website

Can you get rich with affiliate marketing? A question you’ll definitely ask yourself if you start a blog. Affiliate marketing can boost your income when you do it correctly. So, what should you do? Do affiliate marketing only if you have a strong connection to the product. For example, if you play casino games regularly, you can use a WordPress casino games plugin for affiliate website because you address a public interested in the gambling industry. You established the reputation as an authoritative resource in the online casino world, and when readers access your website, they expect to find gambling-related information and tools. Research the market to find out what casino plugin your public prefers and insert it on your homepage to add extra functionality.


Canva is a great tool for bloggers because it allows you to craft aesthetically-pleasing graphic designs, create marketing content, and edit images with a simple and intuitive interface. You can use it to create featured images for your articles or social media posts for your channels. It’s easy to use this tool, and even its free version provides you with plenty of material to make beautiful graphics.

Border image

Border image is another resource that allows you to create beautiful graphics for your website. When you write promotional blogs for casino-related content, you can create fine borders for your outlays to draw attention to the image you attach to the article. You can use Border image to add edges to your graphic elements and customise the margins with the help of the plugin to meet your needs. After the plugin generated the code, you can insert the CSS border image anywhere on your blog.


Grammarly is a popular artificial intelligence editor for blog posts and website pages. It allows you to upload or copy and paste your text into the app and check the document for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The free version can be useful, but if you want to become a professional blogger, the pro version provides richer word choices, help for tone and formality level, and many other suggestions that allow you to polish your content. You can also install the Grammarly Chrome extension if you want the editor to assist you in writing the articles.

SEO tools

If you create a WordPress blog, the All in One SEO plugin helps you bring more traffic to your page from search engines. This tool provides you with scores for each page and post to understand what content type performs better. It also analyses the website and offers a checklist of improvements you should bring to your website to drive more traffic and rank higher in searches.

You can also use SEMrush to find competitive search data so you can identify the keywords you should insert in your blogs. It also analyses your competitors’ performance and provides insight into their strategies to help you build your own tactics for improving link building and advertising. SEMrush is a tool that can dramatically increase your blog’s traffic and boost your chances to monetise your website.

Stock photography library

Finding high-quality photos is a daunting job when you write content daily and target the same industry because you need new free stock images for each article. Catchy imagery is essential for your articles because it can attract readers and engage visitors. My Stock Photos is a resource many bloggers use to find high-quality stock pictures free of charge.

If you don’t find anything interesting on My Stock photos, Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay are also great sources for free images. Nothing can really beat free images, but make sure you don’t go overboard and insert tons of pictures only because you can download them. Each imagery element you use should add value to your content and be relevant to the blog’s topic.

Your take?

Here are the most popular tools bloggers use to grow their readers’ base and rank higher in searches.