Bored at home? These hobbies can make your day better

We’ve all spent a lot of time at home lately, and if you’re growing a bit bored of the same walls, you’re not alone. Although for some it has been a breath of fresh air because it finally gave them a chance to slow down a bit and spend more time with themselves and their families, even introverts said that it can be a bit much. Psychologists explain that there’s a medical reason behind this feeling: it’s called cabin fever, and even though it’s not really a disorder, it can manifest in similar ways to claustrophobia: anxiety, irritability, fear, frustration, and, of course, boredom. After spending a long time indoors, whether it’s because you work from home or because you’re self-isolating, it’s normal to feel a bit lonely and bored, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to feel better.

Though it might seem tedious, staying at home can be a great opportunity to pick up a new hobby and try something you’ve always wanted to try. That can be anything from learning a foreign language, reading more books, trying new slot machine themes, gardening, working out, and much more. If you feel like you’ve tried it all, here are a few ideas that might keep you entertained for a few weeks and help you forget you’re stuck at home.


Gardening may not sound like the most exciting hobby, but studies show that it’s exactly what you need to get rid of boredom, fatigue, and lift your spirits. If you live in a house, then ideally you should spend more time in the garden in your yard. This way, you’ll also get some fresh air and vitamin D, which are all the more important after being indoors most of the time. But, even if you don’t have a home garden (most of us don’t) and you live in an apartment, you can still reap the benefits of gardening by buying a few plants and caring for them. They don’t have to be the most demanding plants, like a bonsai tree or a Venus flytrap. Start with something simple, that only needs occasional watering, and you’ll notice that looking after plants one time per week relieves stress and reduces blood pressure. Plus, keeping a plant alive and seeing it grow can be extremely satisfying and boosts your self-esteem.

Playing board games

Playing board games is not only a great way of keeping your brain alive, but it’s also a fantastic way of strengthening your relationships. If you’re at home with your kids and spouse, a friendly game on Monopoly or Catan will help you interact and spend a chill Friday night together (even if things can get pretty competitive, mind you). Playing board games has been proven to reduce stress, prevent cognitive decline, reduce the risk of mental diseases, and lift your mood. Also, you’re never too old for board games. There are countless themes to choose from, and you’ll find everything from casual social games to co-op fantasy roleplaying games and brain-wrecking strategy games, from two-page rulebooks to 20-page rulebooks where only explaining the mechanics takes two hours. If you miss your friends, you can try playing board games online, over Zoom, or dedicated board game platforms. There’s one created specifically for Dungeons & Dragons, if you’re into a long-term adventure, but you can also play other games, like 7 Wonders, Stone Age, Saboteur, Seasons, or Roll for the Galaxy. Many of them can be played in two players or even have a single-player mode, so don’t worry if you can’t arrange a six-person virtual meeting.

Casino games

Are you looking for a new hobby but also a side hustle? Casino games might be for you. If you haven’t tried the new games yet, you might be in for a treat. In the past few months, the online gambling industry has evolved a lot, and operators invest more than ever before in innovative features, security, and privacy. What’s more, the bonuses will make it worth your while. To get started, choose an online casino operator that offers a no deposit bonus. This way, you will make extra money before you even start. There are many casino games you can choose from, depending on your level of experience and the excitement you’re looking for. Slot games are really popular these days, but if you’re familiar with poker or blackjack, now is a good time to play them online.

After claiming a no deposit bonus, make sure you try other types of bonuses too. For example, you can try a match bonus, or, if you play slot games, look for free spins. As always, with online gambling, make sure you know where to stop. Casino games are fun, but, at the same time, you don’t want to spend more than you can afford.

What not to do while stuck at home

Some people don’t want to take up a hobby or try something new while stuck at home, and that’s alright. If you don’t feel like learning how to make sourdough or starting a cactus collection, you shouldn’t be forced to do it anyway. However, there are a few things you should avoid when experiencing the signs of cabin fever. For example, some coping mechanisms will give you some momentary satisfaction when time seems to be dragging, but they’re not good for you in the long run. And here we’re talking about drinking in particular. Having a glass of wine in the evening is a great way to relax, but if one glass turns into one bottle and you do this every other night, you’re not doing your mental health any good. The same goes for binging: sure, it’s a great way to kill time, but, in the long run, it promotes a sedentary lifestyle.