8 simple activities to de-stress without leaving the house

You don’t have to deal with tons of problems every day or go through a rough patch in your life to experience the burden of stress. It’s enough to live an active life in today’s chaotic society, and stress will sneak up on you eventually. It can happen so subtly that you won’t even notice it until your stress levels go through the roof and symptoms become so obvious you can’t ignore them anymore.

Experts advise people to practice different types of activities in order to fight this common enemy and restore balance in their lives. Going for a walk or a run outside, spending a relaxing day at the spa, taking a short trip to change the environment and get away from the things that trouble you or going out with friends to keep your social life alive are all great ways to reduce stress and care for your mental and physical health.

But what if your budget or your current living circumstances don’t allow you to go out and about, and you’re stuck between the four walls of your home? Are you doomed to fight the stress monster forever? Fortunately, that’s not the case. You don’t have to go on a trip around the world or visit the most popular gambling destinations on the planet to have fun and forget about your worries. There are many simple and effective methods to de-stress and unwind without stepping foot outside. So here are some stress-relieving activities you can start practicing right now.


Just because you can’t explore the outside world to your heart’s desire doesn’t mean you can’t move your body. Instead of staring at the ceiling, letting stress and anxiety get the best of you, you can get up and give your body the endorphin boost it needs by working out. This is a great way to calm yourself when your heart is racing for no clear reason or you feel unsettled. A short session of yoga, Pilates, cardio or any other type of workout you prefer will work wonders to keep your stress levels in check.


When you don’t feel like standing up and running around the house, you might want to try something completely different to calm your nerves – meditating. This ancient practice offers the perfect solution when you’re desperately trying to recenter yourself and find your inner peace.

Contrary to popular belief, mediation isn’t this mysterious and complex process that only enlightened souls know how to perform properly. And it’s not about emptying your mind or anything like it. It’s more about being aware of your emotions and reaching a state of consciousness that allows you to detach from them. So, anyone can start practicing mediation and enjoy the health benefits it provides.

Get creative

Your body might be stuck inside, but your mind is free to travel places. When your de-stressing options are limited, let your imagination help you out. There are plenty of creative activities you can do at home that will take some of the stress burned off your shoulders and keep you entertained at the same time. We suggest drawing or painting for those of you who have an artsy side or knitting, scrapbooking or taking on DIY projects around the house if you’re more of a handyman.

Try gaming

Too much time spent in front of the screen can make stress worse. But not all online activities are bad for you. Gaming for example, can offer you a much-needed escape when you can’t physically get away from your problems. If you're looking for an exciting at-home entertainment option, look beyond movies and popcorn and try online gambling instead. You can choose from a wide variety of amazing online casino games like ruleta, blackjack, slots, poker and many others. And the fact that you can also win money doesn’t hurt either.

Bake it till you make it

For a lot of people, baking is the ultimate de-stressing solution. There’s something about hiding away in the kitchen, surrounded by all kinds of ingredients, smells and tastes that gives your brain the reset in needs and wipes away your worries, at least temporarily. So even if you’re not the greatest cook and you don’t aspire to be a Michelin chef, you might want to give baking a shot. Your taste buds will surely appreciate it.

Invite friends over

Burdens can feel less heavy when you share them with someone. And even if you don’t want to talk about your stress issues with anyone, being surrounded by the people you love can still help a lot. And since we’ve mentioned online gambling as a fun indoor activity, you can invite your friends over and enjoy the most entertaining casino games from reputable providers like Codere with them. You can get together and play classic casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette or baccarat for free or for real money. In the end, any activity that can get your mind off the things that trouble you is a blessing.

Deep clean your house

This sounds more like a chore, but trust us, once you get started with deep cleaning, you’ll understand just how therapeutic it can be. The process itself can prove to be much more relaxing than you’d expect and the final result will give you a sense of achievement. Having a clean house always helps when your mood is not exactly bright and cheerful. Who needs a therapist when you’ve got cloths, mops and tons of cleaning products around the house anyway?

Listen to relaxing music

After all the exercising, baking and cleaning you’ve been doing, it might be a good idea to simply sit back and relax. Not all de-stressing methods have to involve some type of physical activity. Listening to music can make everything a bit better. Music has the power to soothe and heal. It can carry you away to another place, far away from everything that’s burdening you, and provide comfort in times of need. So, you can just stop for a moment, put your headphones on and listen to some relaxing tunes for a while.