Kick off the new year with #Nouw30daychallenge

Kick off the new year with #Nouw30daychallenge

This year did not turn out as we had hoped, and we’ve had to cancel or postpone a lot of our plans. We have spent more time than ever at home and it could be challenging to come up with things to do. We are now approaching a new year, and a new year brings new opportunities.

As you know, we at Nouw like to challenge you bloggers, and you guys seem to like it when we challenge you. In an effort to make the beginning of the new year more exciting, and to encourage everyone to get into their blog routines, we are launching #nouw30daychallenge!

The challenge

We challenge you to:

- Make blogging a part of your everyday life

- To find your own niche and to evolve as a blogger

- Dare to think outside the box and challenge your own creativity

During the month of January we are challenging you to blog at least 15 times in order to get you into a good flow with your blogging. You can blog about what inspires you and your readers the most. What could that be? Maybe already know, but if not this could be the perfect time to find out! Dare to challenge yourself and to be creative!

When does the competition start and end?

The #nouw30daychallenge starts January 2nd and ends January 31th 23:59 CET. You can sign up today, or the latest at January 2nd 23.59 CET.

How to sign up and get started

The last day to sign up for the challenge is January 2 at 23:59 CET.

How to sign up:

1. Make sure that you have signed in at Nouw, then just sign up by clicking the button down below.

2. Write a post with the title #nouw30daychallenge (you can publish the post today or the latest January 2 23:59 CET). In the post, you can for example write a few lines about your ambitions for this month, or what kind of topics your readers will be able to read about.

3. Make sure to use the hashtag #nouw30daychallenge and link to somewhere in your post.

Winners & prices

The Nouw jury will choose four bloggers that they think have been the most creative, characteristic and inspiring. All four bloggers will be rewarded with really nice prices that will alter depending on placing.

First place:
- The winner will be the person who, according to Nouw, has shown most commitment and who has evolved the most as a blogger during the competition

- The winner will get a nice package including a spa experience at Sankt Jörgen, premium pro membership and other nice products. A price that you don’t wanna miss!

- The winner will be presented at 14.00 CET on February 2nd.

Weekly winner:
Every week during the challenge the editorial team will hand pick what they consider to be the best or most inspiring blog post posted that week. The blogger who wrote the post will get it published as an article in Nouw Magazine.

If you are under the age of 18, you need your guardian’s approval to enter the competition.

Good luck!

A big thank you to our sponsor Sankt Jörgen Park

You need to have an account on Nouw to be able to compete. Click on the button below to sign in or to create an account.