North Mountain Gear recognizes that hunting is more than just a recreational activity; it is a way of life. With a wide variety of hunting equipment and outdoor gear, North Mountain Gear prides itself on giving you exceptional products at an exceptional price. Beyond our focus on making quality equipment for our customers, we are always trying to create new and innovative products for the outdoor world.

Many of the big camouflage companies develop their patterns to look good to the human eye, knowing that they are not that effective when it comes to actually CAMOUFLAGING the hunter while hunting.

Perfect human vision is considered 20/20 but deer vision clocks in at 20/200. 20/200 seems terrible doesn’t it ? What deer lack in clear vision they more than make up for it with their motion detection ability ! Deer also have quite wide vision thanks to the placement of their eyes on the sides of their head.

A second disadvantage inherent in some mimicry patterns that big camouflage companies offer is that they may not do enough to disguise the human silhouette. Deer, elk, and sheep, as well as predators like coyote and bobcat, are not especially good at distinguishing between similar shades of color. They are also poor at seeing fine details — their vision is more blurry than ours. If you look at some mimicry patterns on the market, you’ll notice that their print includes some lovely detail. Branches, leaves, and grasses printed on the clothing look almost like photographs of a patch of forest. Subtle shades of brown, tan, and green make the camo look quite realistic to us.

Unfortunately, these fine hues and details will be lost on ungulates, canines, felines, and most other mammals. Their vision just isn’t good enough. In fact, even our vision isn’t good enough to resolve that detail once we move out to 40 yards or more. As a consequence all of the fine colors and details can blend together to look like a fairly uniform blob of drab color. Don’t get busted on your next hunting excursion because you looked like a uniform human blob. Consider a ghillie suit / leafy suit for your next hunt and break up that human outline. Whether you are still hunting or stalking our suits are able to adapt to multiple hunting locations and situations.


The North Mountain Gear Hybrid Camouflage Ghillie Suit is the best in its class. With this hybrid suit you get all the benefits of a ghillie suit without all the negatives that come with a traditional ghillie suit. Constructed by using a progressive combination of 3D fabric and 3D string design this hybrid comes in at half the weight of a traditional ghillie suit. Breathable inner mesh shell keeps you comfortable on those all day hunts. Although the design of this suit is complex, it is exceptionally easy to keep clean. The synthetic fibers are double stitched, mildew resistant and fire retardant. Store your suit in the included camouflage storage bag when not in use, ensuring it will be ready to go when you are.

Guide Series Leafy Suit:

Our guide series leafy suit is constructed of superior material. The outer leafs are very large and double stitched and the inner lining is extremely soft and as silent as fleece. The jacket comes complete with a full front zipper, two large deep front pockets also with zippers. The most liked feature on our pants are the knee length zippers that allow for easy on and off application even when wearing your hunting boots. The pants also come complete with elastic waist / ankle support and large waist pockets with zippers.

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