NorthEastGains Reinvented

Welcome to the new "NorthEastGains." Although things won't be changing entirely, I thought I would give you the proper introduction of myself and the content I will be posting! Welcome to... Yoga with Sel!

About me:

Selda is a Yoga instructor in West Chester Pennsylvania. Her passion for yoga began in childhood to complement her rigorous, pre-professional rhythmic gymnastics training. Unable to compete professionally, due to setbacks by injuries, Selda has begun teaching Yoga at 20 years old and found her true passion was helping others find joy through movement.

In 2021, Selda opened her eponymous brand “Yoga with Sel”, a cozy space dedicated to personalized attention. She teaches privately as well as in groups, working with a diverse clientele. She began her experience in the midst of a global pandemic teaching virtually in order to bring Yoga and movement to her global community.

She specializes in teaching students how to reach their movement goals in a progressive and accessible way. She also has been given the privilege of teaching West Chester University Women’s Gymnastics team yoga specializing in breath controlling flexibility. Selda approaches her clients with excitement, empathy, and a true desire to share the many benefits of Yoga with the world.

You can peek into Selda’s creative movement life on her Instagram account, @oh.selda where she incorporates, yoga into everyday life creating movement experiences that are referential and expressive. In her personal life, Selda is a full-time college student studying Sports Medicine on a PA track, a dog lover, and a firm believer in learning something new every day.

I am beyond excited to begin writing about my journey of being a yoga instructor. However, as you previously read, I am also a full-time student! With that comes lots of responsibility to be on my A-game every day. Nonetheless, I am beyond excited to take on the challenge. Join me as we grow into stronger individuals inside and out.