To Jana

Hi! This post will be in english for my one special friend to understand everything I will write🤍

This fall, 2020, I met the most wonderful girl! She studied at my university for an exchange semester and the teacher put us in the same study group and this was the start of our friendship.

I've had the best fall of my life when we had the chance to hang out, take a fika, eat food and just talk. I really miss her and I can't wait to visit her this summer in Belgium if the world and the pandemi allows me.

This valentines day I know she is a bit down, so I want to send her this greeting and some love. She's the strongest and kindest and always make sure that everyone around her is okey. She always support her friends and family. I really hope that she loves herself as much as I love her and that she knows what a amazing person she is!🤍

“I’ve learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance.”

Xoxo Norailona