Wicked Writing Day 09 - Living or surviving?

Hey Friends

Today is a short topic about days where you are just surviving.

Mental illness is someday you are living other days you are surviving.

The goal is to have more days where you are living than surviving...

But if you have been surviving for a long time.. it takes time to feel safe and learning how to live. It's a muscle that you have to keep working on, for it to grow stronger.

I have more days where I live... but I'm still learning how to live so some days are just me trying to survive because I have been in a survivor mood for so long, I have to learn myself to live, I have to learn myself to turn my survivor mood of, and that in itself is a process. Some days it is easier, and some days it is harder. Mental illness for me is reprogramming my brain into learning that I'm okay and I can just live and I don't need to be in a survivor mood all the time. But it takes time cause sometimes I don't even realist that I'm doing it until I'm in it.

By Lumiere - Who want her muscle to be strong.

Synes godt om