The Reading Rush

The Readathon

This is an overview on how many page I read through the week. I finished 4 books, even tho I original wanted to read 7 books. I read over 1468 pages, in 7 days, which is actually okay.

The Challenges - Books

The challenges:

✅ 1. Read a book with a cover that matches the color of your birthstone.

❌2. Read a book that starts with the word “The”.

✅ 3. Read a book that inspired a movie you’ve already seen.

✅ 4. Read the first book you touch.

✅ 5. Read a book completely outside of your house.

❌ 6. Read a book in a genre that you’ve always wanted to read more of.

❌ 7/ Read a book that takes place on a different continent than where you live.

A Cover That Matches The Color Of Your Birthstone

The Extraordinaries by T.J.Klune
I read this book for the prompt "The color of your birthstone", and my birthstone is Garnet, since I'm born in Januar.

I loved this, it was so cute, both Seth and Nick was so adorable. I thought it was a contemporary when I picked it up but it was a fantasy and that just made me love it even more. A book about queer people and superhero, hell fucking yes. It was not how I expected it to be, but that just made me like it even more. I think I just adore every character in this book, and I'm looking forward to learning more about this word. It was everything I didn't know I need. I love Nick and Seth.

Recommendation: Yes, it was cute and funny and wholesome, and each time I thought i knew what was gonna happen the story changes.

Representation: LBGTQ+: Queer, Bisexual, Gay + Disability; ADHD + Ethnic; Black,

Genre: Fantasy + Romance

Superhero: 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️

A Movie You've Already Seen

Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis

I read this under the prompt "Inspired by a movie", and I read that it was inspired by Sense8

It was okay, I started reading this because I read somewhere that this has a bit sense8 in it, and it was inspired by it, and I was disappointed. To say that this was inspired by sense8 would be the same as saying "Harry Potter" was inspired by "Lord of the rings", just because they both have magical in their world. It was a disappointment.

I had trouble reading this, not because of the language or writing style, just because I found it a bit boring I think. Maybe my expectation was too high since I thought it would have som sense8 in it, and it didn't. I only think the book got interested when it hit almost 75% into the book. It was a bit boring too. I didn't really think that I got to understand Cilla so much, I didn't really like Amara so much, and I just pity Nolan a lot, mostly because it seems like Amara had no sympathy for what he been through in all the years. I was really not impressed with anything or pull into the story enough for me care to much about the story or the character until later in the book.

Recommendation: No, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, I didn't like it or enjoy it enough for me to want to recommend it for anyone to read it. Don't pick this up.

Representation: LGBTQ+, Disability & Etchnicial

Trigger warning: It a bit dark, and there is abused in this book.

Genre: Fantasy

Diaries: 📚📚📚

First Book You Touch

Hayden by Lisa Helen Gray

Read this book under the prompt "First Book You touch", it was the fist one that spark joy for me.

I didn't like the dad, I thought he was kind of an asshole and arrogant. The concept he had with his boys was allowed to date and have sex but his girl wasn't was stupid. I hate that. He was childish and immature, and it wasn't cute. At All.

I did like Hayden, and Clayton, I loved their relationship and they were fun together, I special loved how Hayden didn't take any crap from her dad or any other men or people that talk down on her. I liked how Clayton acknowledge when he made a mistake and he reflected and learned from it.

Recommendation: Yes, I liked it, it had a light toon, and I end up laughing and smiley a lot because of some of the interaction and things that happen, so I can recommend it. It's standalone, so you can read it without reading the others.

Genre: Contemporary + Romance

Radio: 🎙️🎙️🎙️

Outside Your House

Finally by R.L.Mathewson

I read this under the prompt "a book outside the house", but I didn't read it outside.

I liked it. It was cute and funny. I love Charlie and Devon, and It really left a smile on me. I love the children to, Dustin & Abby. There isn't so much to tell for me, it was easy and to get caught up in the book, and I read it fast and love every minute of it.

Recommendation: Yes, If you want to read a book that makes you smile and laugh this book is it. The cuteness is overloading.

Donut: 🥯🥯🥯

Thank for your reading rush

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