Readathons for August.

As always I only mention readathons, that I'm interested in this month. But if you want to have an overview of more readathons, cause there is many more I can recommend:

Discord group:

You can also find a few twitter account that gives an overview of readathons one of them is.

Readathons Guides:

There is also this calendar if you are interested in more:

The Readathons.

24-hour readathon

Basically Readathon: Dates 8th august

Over 1 week

Tome Topple Readathon: Begin 8th august - End august 21th

The whole month

Summer Fling Readathon: Begin 1th - 31th

Cause I wanna Mood Readathon: Begin June 1st - End 30th June

N.E.W.T.S readathons: Begin 1th - 31th

24 hours Readathon

Basically Readathons

August 8th


Read a book that's been on your tbr forever. (Or just read whatever you want!)

Takes place on the entire Saturday from midnight to midnight (your own timezone or you can follow mine - Amsterdam time)

Over 1 week

Tome Topple

August 8 - 21th august

PROMPTS: 500+ page books

- The tome that has been on your TBR the longest

- A tome audiobook

- The tome you’ve most recently acquired

- A standalone tome

- Read 1 tome

- A tome written by a Black author

- Tome from a genre you don’t usually read

- The tome on your TBR with the most pages

- A tome you started during another round of Tome Topple

The Whole Month

Summer Fling Readathon


Down Home Country (Small town romance, cowboy or western romance)

Big City Life (Romances that take place in a large city. Billionaire romance. Jet setting lifestyle)

Authors of Colour

Hot & Spicy (Erotic romance, or a romance that is ‘hotter’ than you would normally read. Or a romance that takes place in a hot location)

Dark & Dangerous (Dark or taboo romance. A romance with a dark cover or has a dangerous character (your interpretation))

Sweet & Clean (A Clean or light romance. No adult content. Or a romance with something sweet on the cover)

Road Trip

Friends to Lovers

Diversity Disability Representation (Physical or mental)

Old School Historical (Cheesy cover/stepback. Oldest historical on your TBR)

Category Romance (Harlequin or Mills & Boon (if in the UK or Australia))

Cause I Wanna Mood Readathon


I Wanna Feel Good -

Select something that you think will be a "feel good" book for you. It can be comedy, romance, self help, whatever you think will leave you feeling good during and after reading.

I Wanna Think -

Select something that will make you think. Select an own voices book from an author different from you, or a piece of non-fiction, whatever you might want when you want to think.

I Wanna Good Scare -

Select something that is scary to you. Horror, thriller, domestic suspense, whatever you reach for if you want something scary.

I Want Twists and Turns -

If you find yourself in the mood for a good mystery, thriller, cozy, anything that keeps you guessing and on your toes, you can use this selection to satisfy that mood.

I Wanna Good Cry -

Select something you know will be a tearjerker.

I Wanna Escape -

Select something from fantasy, or sci-fi, or maybe a reread of an old favorite that helps you escape from the world. Anything that helps you get mentally get away is fair game for this one.

I've Wanted to Read This for a While -

You know that book you got a while ago but can never find time for? That's the book that goes here. If you've got multiple that fit that definition, select the one you want to read the most.

I'd Rather Read This - I

f you aren't in the mood for any of the above, but something else is calling to you from your shelves, then you should use this prompt.

N.E.W.T.S Readathon

NEWTS prompt:

A for Acceptable, E for Expectations & an 0 for Outstanding (the highest grade)

Ancient Runes

A: Bathsheda Babbling - author name starts with a B (first or last)

E: Read a Classic

0: Love rune: read a Romance


A: Precision is key: reada non-fiction

E: Book that ends on an unevennumber

0: Book that'sbetween 260-299 pages


A: Star Chart: star on the cover/in title

E: Read a Sci-Fi

0: Universe: read one of the biggest books you have on your TBR

Care of Magical Creatures

A: Salamander: Fire on cover/in title

E: Flobberworm: lazy is fine! Read something short

0: Hagrid'sHut: start a book with a snack


A: Cheering Charm: read a humorous book

E: Glacius: freezingcharm. Read a book set in winter

0: Finite lncantatem: reverse spell! Read a manga!

Defence Against The Dark arts

A: Boggart: read a horror/thriller

E: Kappas: water demon! Book with demonsor water theme

0: Red Caps: read an epic fantasy


A: Take the red cup, dear: book with a red cover

E:Crystal gazing: first unread book you look at

0: Tea leaves: start a book with loose leave tea


A: Puffapods: flowers on cover

E: Nettle plant: book that might be impactful

0: A1wa¡ys growing: book longer than your previous read

History of Magic

A: Read a historical fiction

E: Book with a mainly black cover

0: Book recommended by someone older than you

Muggle Studies

A: Read a comic

E: Read a book written by an author of a differen race than yourself

0: Read a contemporary


A: Ingredient: Flying Seahorse- book with word "sky" in title, or sky on cover

E: Doxycide: Author name starts with a letter D

0: Girding Potion for endurance: book over 450 pages


A: Lapifors Spell: Animal on cover/title

E: Draconifor spell: Books with dragons or fire (cover/title)

O: Duro hardening spell): read a hardcover (or book you a1wa¡ys thought would be hard to read)

Thank you for reading.

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