February Favorits Book

"The Raging Ones" by Krista &Becca Ritchie

I have been putting this book off for a long time. I just didn't that I was gonna enjoy it, because it was about dead. It scared me a little bit to read about the dead and I thought the book was gonna be very heavy and very dark, but I was surprised. I really did love it. It reminded me a bit about the Netflix series Sense8.

I just loved everything about this book, the character in it, and the fact that I never really had any idea what was gonna happen on every step. I loved the storyline, the relationships. I just really did love it, and that surprised me. It was different than what I expected and that made me love it more.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Space: 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

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