The Best Friend Tag - Video

Hi all! I´m back at this blogplatform, but I´m choosing to blog on my old blog ( as well because of my Norwegian readers. So I just had my best friend George on visit from London. I know George from studying Fashion with him in London, and from me now living in Norway we haven´t seen each other since May last year. After 7 months of being from each other, FaceTime, Skype and Facebook have saved our friendship.

George came last Tuesday and we took the train straight to my parents house. We spent the first four days and we had the most fun in such a long time. We went sledging, something George never has done before, skiing, grilled sausages on an open fire, watched movies, played Monopoly and went for a small shopping trip to Sweeden. The rest of his Holiday we were at my place in Oslo. We visited my old Uni for lunch with my friends, shopping, went out for coffee and just spent time together. The last day we filmed a YouTube video together, Best Friend Tag, which was so much fun! 💗