Room Tour - Video?

Hello sweets! I´ve been in bed all day, sadly I have gotten the cold once again and I´m not feeling very good at the moment. I´ve only been watching tv and The Kardashians have been playing for the last two hours. Even though I don´t feel well right now, I´m trying to make the best of it by catching up on some of my favourite tv-programs and reading in my favourite magazines. Having the cold is also a good excuse to drink hot chocolate, so I´m going to have a nice evening even though.

I have been getting a bit of comments from people around social media after George and I made the Friendship Tag, asking if I could start making more videos. I have been thinking about it and talked to some of my friends about it. I find it very awkward being in front of the camera, but if that´s something my readers want of course I want to try making more videos. There is one question that have been a bit more outstanding than the others and that is if I could make a room tour in my "apartment". I think it´s a good idea and I want to try to make an room tour video the next upcoming week.

If you want to see a room tour video, please leave a comment below. Kisses! 💋

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