Can I just say how happy it makes me that you guys are still reading my blog and that my readers are increasing. It would be amazing if you started writing comments as well! :) I would love to know who you all are? What kind of posts you’d like to see more of/less of etc?

How’s your weekend been?
I have had a pretty relaxed weekend at home mostly. As I mentioned previously, we are in the process of buying a new bed, however the correct way to put this is that my handyman of a husband is building us the bed :). I don’t even know how many times we went out to look at beds and he felt that every single one of them weren’t ‘good enough’, which translates to ‘I’m going to build this bed’. After a while I caved in and let him and I have to say, so far it is amazing! Really good quality and I got to decide the design, I went for a very simple and minimalistic bed. He has done such a great job and I can’t wait to share with you guys the end result once he is done.

We decided to invest in a really good mattress from Heals, bedding, duvet and pillows. We got two of those huge king size pillows and two standard size ones, I’m SO excited!! Secretly I’m hoping I’ll be less uncomfortable sleeping but I doubt it, guess we will see.

As I have also mentioned, I finally decided to invest in a camera and spent a while figuring out what to go for/where to start.
Luckily my lovely friend Laura helped me with figuring out which camera to go for and in the end I decided for the canon m6, I am very pleased with my choice. It is perfect for a newbie and for the type of photographs I’m looking to take/learning how to take. I took it out with me yesterday to try it out and I understand why some people fall in love with photography! It is so much fun and can’t wait to learn more and to become better.

Besides that and how in love I am in my new camera I don’t have much to report. Next week will mainly be about work and getting back into some sort of routine, however on Saturday we have our 4D scan to get a better glimpse of our angel baby ❤️

My husband is out tonight at a work do so I’m alone, already thinking about what to eat?

Hope you have a wonderful day! 

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