So.. where do I even start?

So much in my life is about to change in what feels like the shortest period ever!

I am going to become a mother to a precious little baby angel who is currently 14 weeks old <3

How do I even take that in without feeling all the emotions? It is so true, that nothing and no one can prepare you for pregnancy and motherhood. Every woman's experience is different and why wouldn't I want to share it with the world? It is such a massive thing!

I am growing a tiny little human inside of me right now! How can I just keep it in? When I feel like shouting from a roof top. It is actually happening! This little baby angel decided to join us very quickly, however, I have been imagining and thinking about this time in my life for years and I can't believe it is finally here!

So where do I start?

I am now officially out of the first trimester whoop! But the worry just doesn't stop there. If anyone could have a little peak inside my brain, they would be like Wow! Woman! Calm down!

But I can't. I can't stop thinking, is everything ok? Is the baby developing how it should? Am I going to cope well with a body that is going to totally transform and change, am I going to go through all the changes with a clear head or will I just feel totally lost and confused? I guess there is no answer.

But there is this.. My own little digital diary where I will be sharing my experience through pregnancy and motherhood, how to balance it while juggling a career, being a wife, a friend, a sister and a daughter.

As scared as I am, I have never felt this ready<3

We can't wait to meet you baby B!

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