The enigmatic girl

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Childhood memories

Do you remember "Det gåtfulla folket", (the enigmatic people)? It was a melody made in Sweden, by Olle Adolphson and Beppe Wolgers. I use to love the melody when I was a child, and I still do.

I often get my inspiration from music and books, Music is a great motivation during the work.

This melody is about imagination, childrens imagination. Someone once said

"we are born originals and die like a copy".

I hope we also die originals, as we where created in the beginning to be. Like the bird is created to fly, you and I also have unique qualities that we love to do and express.

This unique quality in a child, our most inner original openminded soul, lerns by others how to be. I think of our fragile innerself, that can only grow being nutured by the love and kindness of the parents. But somewhere on the road to adult, we suddenly have the same life and dreams like everybody else. But what if... the original self of our childhood survived. What would the world look like?

Would it maybe be another world with meadow and a wind and a child who collects pine cones, with wind in her hair?

The melody

"Children are a people and they live in a foreign country, this country is a rain and a puddle....."

you can see the song text here

The painting

The painting is a original in oil on special linen portrait caravaggio canvas. I choose the canvas becouse of the quality and structure. The oilpainting is 73x60 cm. (28,74 x 23,62 inches). Below you can see some details in the painting.

I have only made one original, it is unique and a certificate of authenticity is included. Free worldwide shipping & returns.

Here you order the painting:



To protect the painting it is always good to varnish the painting. Here you can see me varnishing the painting. The Gamvar gloss varnish make the painting look amazing and it also give the painting protection.

The Home is a bridge

I like building bridges, between people and countries. One thing to do that is to use our ability to talk or write, but to communicate can sometimes be hard. With a little help from parables (pictures or a tale) a conversation can suddenly flow, and an interesting bridge is created.

A home is more then design & funktion. It is also a place where you show who you are and what you like. It is where you can shine through without words. It can be the books that you read, music you listen to, and the things you surround yourself with. The best thing is to surround youself with paintings on the wall, it open up a home, you get an idea of the person living there. In the opposit if there is nothing on the walls, no books and only a surfscreen on the table, that can realy close down the place for the visitor, who have absolutely no idea who actually live in that home. But with an original painting on the wall, can be an opener into interesting conversations, maybe about... childhood dreams?


Would you want your the walls in your home be anonymous like a hotel room or would you prefer it with abstract or realistic paintings or something else?

How would your dream wall look?