Swedish Art association Award

The Stockholms Art fair was a jury judged art fair in Lavalhallen in Nacka during the end of october 2020.

It was a great and professional arrangement, and it was a joy and honor to be a part off it. We where 80 artists that was selected by the jury to participate in the Stockholm Art fair 2020 that exhibit paintings and sculptures in the 1000 m², Lavalhallen in Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden.

Because of the time of pandemic the 80 artists could not be inside the art fair at the same time, and there was no vernissage, but our art could participate, and that is most important to be able to exhibit our work.

Scholarship winner

On the last day of the art fair, a prize was awarded to artists who received recognition.

I was incredibly surprised and honored when I received a scholarship from the Swedish Artists' Association.

The art fair had restrictions that not more then 50 people could be inside at the same time. The hall, was very huge and had lots of space for visitors.

A video from the Stockholm art fair by Johan Björk

Visitors & friends

I missed the possiblilty to talk with other artists during the art fair, because of the restrictions, not many were there when I visited, but I had the possibility to come and visit the exhibit when my friends were there and to walk around together with them and see all paintings & sculptures by the participated artists. They thought the exhibit had a very high quality.

Thank you all friends, visitors, art associations & art collectors that visited the art fair!