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Do you want to paint, but do not know how?

Do you have the skills to paint but have difficult with inspiration or time?

Do you prefer to paint by yourself and just get feedbacks of your artworks?

Do you have a stressful life?

If you answer yes, on one or more question above, then you need

N I N A' S   A R T   C O U R S E

To paint has a positive effect on everyone, especially for people that have stressful lives. To paint is a way to relax from other things in life and brakes the destruction circle of stressful thoughts. To paint has the same effect like meditation, but in meditation is more about to empty yourself within, but to paint is a way to rest inside through your own imagination, while you fill yourself with new energy.

The art teacher Nina Björk, work as an proffersional artist, and has experience as an art teacher and have also taught in health and training. She has also experience as an air hostess and knows what it means to handle stress.

Nina is also the founder and chairman of 12 Bridges an art association who together with the local artists arrange a collective exhibition once a year.

Realistic or abstract

Regardless if you want to paint realistic art or abstract art it is good to learn the basics. There is art courses for both beginners and advanced. The courses are available both online and in the city of Stockholm area.


Beginners course suits you that want to learn the basics about painting. The course is available both for 5 hours of 10 hours. In the 10 hours course, there will be more time to paint and also to make charcoal sketches that are very useful before starting to make a painting.


Is an conntinuing art course for you that have gone to art 1 and want to lern more. In course 2 you will lern how to make a portrait.


Is a course for you that need inspiration and lern different technique and paint from your own inner creativity. It is also for you that need to slow down and start something new to be able to stress down.

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