Springtime and "Kosläpp" cow release time! A day when the cows get out from their stable after a long winter. In Sweden, it is a tradition for people to watch the cows gets out on the fields. I guess all of us feels like the cows during springtime, we just want to run out, jump in joy in the sun after a long dark and cold winter, and I believe that is why this tradition is so popular.

I just love springtime! So much expectation in the air! Nature is calling and the cows get out from the stables. It is fun to watch them jump in enthusiasm and joy and for me is a joy to paint these lovely creatures!

Art on Commision 

Sometimes I get the honor to make art on commission! It is fun and challenging to make a painting on a request, and this time it was a special kind of cow that was the subject to paint.

The Jersey cow

I like painting portraits of humans and animals, so when I got the request I didn't hesitate to take the job. I don't' know so much about cows, but this cow has the ability to give lot's of milk and is easy to recognize because they have a unique back. The back is flat, straight flat and it looks almost like the cow is flat as a paper silhouette when you see the Jersey cow from the side! During my research about the Jersey cow, I found other interesting details and my painting is the outcome.

During the time I spent painting the cow I got really curious to go to see the "kosläpp" cow realize. Maybe you want to look at this spectacular event that we suede's like so much, well now is the time! Times and places to see the event for you who lives in Sweden;