Painting Grain

It is something about wheat and corn that I always have been attracted to. Reflect for a moment.. the beauty of a golden cornfield or a soft flowing wheat field. The golden field that gives humans and animals food and life. Now during the summer, they grow out in the fields and I am happy that the weather has been better for the grain this summer and soon it is harvest-time!
Wheat, oil on linen.
Harvest, oil on linen.

Contemplation, joy & freedom

I enjoy painting corn & wheat. It has amazing beautiful colors and form and it makes me think of the wonderful feeling when I cross a golden field! A feeling of contemplation, joy, and freedom, and I want to bring the feeling with me and enjoying it home.

Frösöblomster, oil on linen.

Plant seEds

I am not a farmer, but in a way we all are farmers. We plant maybe not seeds of corn, but we plant seeds of good work, will, and deeds, I plant images/stories in hope that it will be an eye-opener on things that really matter. Life, nature, You matters... Eternal things matters...
Barley, oil on linen.

Original oil paintings for your home

Harvest, original oil painting on Linen. 88 x 110 cm. 1 400 Euro

Certificate of authenticity

All paintings purchased from Nina Björk art includes Certificate of Authenticity

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