On earth... as it is in heaven!

spring inspiration

Light is beginning to come back after a long dark winter, and with the light comes new inspiration that flow into the studio where I work, and encourage me to try something new.

I have some wonderful thick aquarelle paper, sounders waterford and I wanted to paint on the paper with oil. To prepare the paper I first coated the paper with gesso and water, I used two coats and let the paper dry between coats. Then I started to paint directly with thin oil colors. The structur of the paper is so nice and I wanted it to shine through, so in this painting I did not continue with thicker oil paint, just continued with thin layers of oil paint.

The paper made it very easy to paint with a smooth brush in a abstract way, I wanted it to be contrast in the painting so you can feel the dark earth in contrast to the light cloudy sky.


After the paintings was finished I used a super good varnish, Gamvar gloss, I will deffenitly use this varnish again. An amazing glossy result. See short clip below.


I painted two paintings that can belong together, a diptyk. During the process I had a picture in my mind of a special place in the desert and of a prayer...

"Our Father who art in heaven..

Hallowed be Thy name,

Thy Kingdom come,

Thy will be done...

On earth as it is in heaven

...." etc. (Matthew. 6:9-13)

1. On earth............. 2. .......As it is in heaven

The light smooth orange & pink in the paintings soften and brighten up the room, and the paintings is easy placed anywhere in a home. In a frame with passepartout or without.

These colors brings a expectation of the season of joy!

gallery konst.se

To purcase the paintings you contact me here or at konst.se/ninabjorkart.

The price for the paintings is 3000 skr/painting (approximately $ 353/painting, current exchange rate 18/3 2021)