Ninas Art in Kiruna & Italy

Nina Björk was one of five artists nominated for the Kiruna scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is partly to make Kiruna, the nordic city in Sweden, known among the artists as a valuable and interesting area, partly to stimulate interest in art in Kiruna and to give Kiruna residents the opportunity to get acquainted with high-class current Swedish visual art. The Kiruna scholarship can be applied for by active artists in Sweden.

A privilege & honor

It was a privilege for Nina Björk to participate and be one of five who was selected from 174 applicants. The selected five artists had an exhibition in Kiruna Konstgillet. There was a great response from visitors and art lovers who visit the exhibit and they gave all the artists very good review's. Here is some of the review's about Nina's art;



”Eyes that speak.... /The depth of the gaze.... /Very skilfully made...., /Looks like a photograph.... /Blue alert eyes...... /The child looks so open and happy...... /Timeless, beautiful and thought-provoking. What is she thinking about..?”

Sold to italy

The painting "contenplation" was sold to an art collector in Italy.

Silent prayer

Silent prayer:

”It looks like she is hiding because maybe she is depressed, the painting feels…, /Rests in security... /It looks so real and it's nice...."



"It's animals and I like animals... /It fits in where we live here in the north and I like animals.... /it's beautiful...... /It reflects Kiruna and gives the veiwer a kind and calm feeling.... /Colorful and moving.... /I think this painting should win because I think the picture with the reindeer fits very well with the city Kiruna, and that it is beautiful..... /Nice painting, the artist can paint!..... /Smokescreen was very nice..... /Especially like Smokescreen, I would like it on my wall..... /Beautiful reindeer's, the painting fits in everywhere.... /I chose this particular work of art because I like the symbolist brushstrokes and the color choices and I stuck to it because of the spooky reindeer that gave me the feeling that everyone dies ... /Reindeer's gathered and waiting to get away...."

Picture from Kiruna scholorship exhibition

So, who won the scholorship? The jury gave the talented textile embroidery artist Eva Kitok from Kiruna the scholorship. Congratulation Eva Kitok!

All of the five artists who participated also have the privilege of free use off an studioappartment in Kiruna. Happy to be invited to Kiruna, Nina is now on the way to spend a week in the artist studio in Kiruna, to get new inspiration and take part of the beautiful nature and culture up in the north of Sweden.