Expressing my love to Israel trough Art

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My blogg is in Swedish, but becouse my readers sometimes is English I will switch to English... If that is okey for my Swedish readers?

A loveletter in Art

On my first journey to Israel I fell in love with the land. Since that I travel to Israel 14 times. During a trip to Israel in 2015, I stood on Mount Elon Moreh in Samaria and when visiting local small businessmen, I fell in love, again... this time I fell in love with the people of Israel. The hard-tested lovely Israeli families.

In overwhelming love, I went home to the studio in Sweden and began painting one of these wonderful families. Investigations I made showed that the small businesses survived becouse of the initiative of Lev Haolam. The founder is the lawyer Nati Rom and his family. I contacted Nati and told him I would like to paint a portrait of him and his family. He felt honored and it was okey that I made the portraits.

Nati Rom has now the original paintings, as an artcollector he knows the value and quality of the paintings and wanted the first hand opportunity to buy them. So happy and grateful that the paintings now is with the family I portrayed back in 2016, now the paintings have "come home".

Why it happend to be Nati Rome and his family I painted, has to do with their impressive work in Samaria and Judea. with the project Lev Haolam. An organization for small entrepreneurs., Lev Haolam collects products from entrepreneurs and exports the package to the whole world! A fantastic initiative by the founder Nati Rom, who does this for entrepreneurs in Israel so they can live on what they love to do in a country facing many difficulties, boycotts and terror, despite all this, they work against all ods and have a huge hope for the future. A lot of amazing work is taking place in Israel and behind all projects and inventions stands heroes. People of Israel, who makes an incredible sacrifices for their country, a country they love, it gave me inspiration to paint these paintings.


Oil on linen canvas

On the mountain Elon Moreh, back where we came from. finally home….”

A Jewish man and his children stand together on Mount Elon Moreh and look down into the valley where his ancestor Abraham came in to the land of Israel with his people, several thousand years ago. Today Abraham’s children has returned to the country they belong. The Jewish man and his family have peace, becouse the land and the people is one, they are home. The gratitude and joy that the family feels I try to capture in this painting. I understand their love for the land of Israel. I also feel it, every day… in my innermost part... and rejoice together with the people in Israel from distance. I share their faith and their hope for Israel, for the future of all the people of Israel, that they can live in peace in the land of their ancestors forever and never be uprooted again.

Children of Hebron

Oil on linen canvas

I have a dream, a dream where I see the children of Israel sitting in the grass on the heights of Hebron without fear of terror and threats, becouse terror will not exist in the land no more”

I know Israel has a future and a hope, and when I see people with great curage and faith it inspires me and that is why I felt inspired to paint these paintings of Nati Rom and his family. The work Nati and his family does for the business pioneers in Samaria and Judea is so amazing and I know it have to be inspired of The Creator of heaven and earth becouse it give Israel and the whole world a future and a hope.

Tehillim 8

Oil on linen canvas

Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants, you have ordained strength becouse of your enemies, to silence the enemy and avenger”.(Tehillim psalm 8:3).

It is impossible to describe the feeling of love and gratitude bubbling up inside of me when I'm in Jerusalem, but maybe it's possible to describe it through the mother's love and gratitude when she looks in to her child's eyes. A child is the treasure of the mother’s affection, Jerusalem is HaShem's treasure of love and affection, all of you who visit Jerusalem can feel this because The Creator of heaven and earth heart is attached here forever”.

Fine art giclee

Do you love Israel and want a fine art print of these paintings? Contact me on [email protected] or order below