Despite all... Grateful for 2020!

a successful year for nina björk art

"This year has been been about changes and been very challenging. The world has been hit by a terrible pandemic and many have lost their lives. At the same time, I have reached personal goals with my art. Which feels very contradictory, to suddenly be hit off the sad events in the world and cry for those who are struggling, and in the other moment rejoice over my own success in art field.

But I hope my joy can spread a light, a hope to everyone who reads this. Skills take time to develop, even if you got talent. Through faith and hard work comes success. You can never know or plan when this success will happen and how it looks like and where it leads, but I guess it is so for everyone who follows their dreams.

Let the impossible become possible in 2021, open pathways and opportunities for people to get well for those hwo are sick and for bussinesses to bloom and let the new year make it possible for dreams to come true... because the world needs dreamers who walks new pathways"

/Nina Björk

Behind the clouds there is light

Despite all... this year Nina Björks Art has achieved success. Her art have been exhibit & sold to art collectors from Sweden and abroad.

words with wings, oil on canvas

Yad Labanim gallery Israel

During february - marsh, the Yad LaBanim Gallery in Israel presented Nina Björk in the exhibit: "How I see the Land". It was a invitation exhibition and also the first time an artist outside Israel was invited to exhibit in the Yad LaBanim Gallery. A great honor and achievement.

nominated for kiruna scholarship

Nina Björk was one of five artist for the Kiruna scholarship award. Tree paintings was represented in a exhibition where the public also had the opportunity to write an assessment.

Here is some of the reflextions from the exhibition:

Eyes that speak.... The depth of the gaze.... Very skilfully made.... Looks like a photograph....Blue alert eyes...... The child looks so open and happy...... Timeless, beautiful and thought-provoking. What is she thinking about..? It looks like she is hiding because maybe she is depressed, the painting feels…, Rests in security... It looks so real and it's nice.... It fits in where we live here in the north and I like animals.... it's beautiful...... It reflects Kiruna and gives the veiwer a kind and calm feeling.... Colorful and moving.... I think this painting should win because I think the picture with the reindeer fits very well with the city Kiruna, and that it is beautiful..... Nice painting, the artist can paint!..... Smokescreen was very nice..... Especially like Smokescreen, I would like it on my wall..... Beautiful reindeer's, the painting fits in everywhere.... I chose this particular work of art because I like the symbolist brushstrokes and the color choices and I stuck to it because of the spooky reindeer that gave me the feeling that everyone dies... Reindeer's gathered and waiting to get away....

One of the privilige was a free use of a studio appartment in Kiruna. During september Nina Björk visited Kiruna and got inspirations from the beautiful nature. She will visit Kiruna more in the future.



Nina Björk joined Singulart this year. An online art Gallery which sells art worldwide. Singulart has the best service toward artists and art buyers with free worldwide shipping and returns.

Paintings by Nina Björk has reasently sold original paintings to art collectors in Italy and Germany.

See Nina Björks page on Singulart

Scholarship award

During october exhibition Stockholms konstsalong in Sweden. Nina Björk winns the honorable Swedish art associations scholarship 2020

Commissionary artwork

During the year Nina Björk have made several commissionary artwork to art collectors that order portrait. She works on each painting for approximatly one mounth, she skillfully working with each portrait to make it according to your wishes. The portrait you order is the buyers property and only at the buyers discretion, the artist may use the portrait for advertising purposes.

If you want a portrait on someone in your family or an animal. Send a message to [email protected]