Art in corona times

What to do during these corona times?

As an artist, life is as it usually is, I continue to paint at home in the studio, but I can not have any exhibition. If you find quarantine difficult, don't be an artist, they always live in a "quarantine life style".

With the concern that exists in society, everyone probably is deeply effected in some way, regardless of whether you work from home or not.

The painting is strongly influenced by what is going on, I have tried to paint something else, but have not succeeded. As soon as I grab the brush, it is the grief that affects my brush strokes. The grief of white coats with stressed and sad eyes pursues me, although neither I or my family are affected, it is the darkness & sadness of thousands of dead and squeezed eyes that I see in front of me, so I simply could not paint anything else right now,

Are artists more sensitive than others? No, I do not think so, but for me, who does not easily express me in words (despite courageous attempts via blog), it is so much easier to paint what I feel, working with the painting gives the impressions I have inside, an expression and the pressure I feel leaves me.


This painting ”Edge”, is painted in oil on canvas and is 50x50 cm.

It is a painting to remind us about how fragile life is and that we never forgott to take care of each other, becouse life is limited. The painting represents a moment in time, when this corona chaos surrounding us.

A nurse in the middle of a stressful everyday life,

...all the details sweep past her at a steady pace,

sick & sick….

death & death…

the mask penetrating the skin…

tired red eyes fighting the tears….

The edge is near.

Some have given their lives in their valiant efforts to save others. If we care, we can show these brave heroes that we see them and that we care, and also offer help and comfort everyone who has someone close to them who lost their lives. I hope this painting can remind you to pray for them.

Everyone can do something, small or large, everything counts, and remember to keep your distance from ethother. It can save lifes.

Take care out there!