A Gift of Honor

A rod of an Almond tree

This painting is about hope. Like the spring, life returns to the fields, hope enters and the dark, cold clouds leaving my canvas.

Painted in oil on canvas, size 63x63 cm.

The beginning of summer

The beginning of every season has its own phase and the shifting weathers of springtime can be very confusing for both the soul and the body. Suddenly hot like a summer day and then back to cold weather like a winter day. It can be exhausting.

For me, the springtime makes me even more longing to go to Israel. There are the high-season events of both Pesach and Shavuot, and the land starts to blossom after the rain period.

It is a beautiful time.

Expressing dreams

So what do I go with my longing, I go to my canvas and start painting my dream. Painting is a tool for me to express the thoughts and feelings I have inside.

Often I have an idea of what I want to paint but during the process, it happens things and it can be something else in the final painting. The process very exciting

Art through grace

Do not misunderstand me. Painting is a difficult art that takes time. But without grace impossible to perform regardless of talent.

At the beginning of this painting, I began to gently apply acrylic in a thin layer. Then I started to put on a layer of oil, when it dried after a few days I added another layer of oil ... etc. Even though I have an inside picture of what I want to paint, the end result is often something else because during the process I see other things take shape and that form I go on in childish naivety to see what happens. In this way, the painting becomes an exciting adventure.

The hidden question in the painting

This painting has a question,

"What do you see?"

Well, I see a rod of an almond tree.

What does it mean? It means that every word the Creator of heaven and earth speak He will be watching over to perform it. (Jer. 1:11).

Everything has a special season. A time to plant, a time to harvest. A time to be silent, a time to speak. A time to mourn and a time to dance. (parts from Ecc. 3)


Nobody knows his own season, but He who watches over everything knows.

The Menorah has almond knobs in it. It reminds me of The Creator everlasting words.

We need not be fear hearted and doubleminded.

In every season be thankful.

Almond is the first tree that blossoms in the spring and the last one of the trees that lose its leaves in the autumn.


The Almond testifies of the work and fruit of grace through faith. Almond is a present of honor given to an honorable person. When Jacob sent present to the man of honor in Egypt he sent almond. (Gen. 43:11). In this case, an almond is an acceptable offering, acceptable service.

A gift of honor...

Let hope and light guide your steps.