Me and a couple of friends is on a tivoli carusel. It's spinning and I'm trying to control the next action. We are all experiencing our friend, a girl that is so wild that we're in this carousel 3 of us just experiencing the co-work of me and her. I have some continue control of the carousel. But only if I do it right it will be possible to use my control for the next.

We're experiencing it together. I'm open about my reactions. I do my best to express where my limits go. Earlier I got a role with my grandmother and some other people - they think I do a good job about involvement. It happens because I express my wants, and its about who I am.

I am good in giving the right experience to people. It reminds me I raw-drives energy and gives energy to other people. It's important to give energy, and to be active with others. Making a timing about how we handle. They easily pick up on the energy and the flow.

There were an attic that took me for granted - I wasn't supposed to do any movements, it's too late. It's over. I did my moves one last time, to confirm it's now over.

There's who is good as a lady, the dance dance. Who can be the most sexy and amazing. Raw. I am in. My sister is in. IT's about who dances the best. Who I am trying to get a dick of calls me. There starts to cheer.

I glide down on the floor. In to make left sideways, I am talking, understanding a job in a hippieshop. That is my friends, who cares about me and my personality. I say theres something strange. And that it would be a perfect job for me. Specially if I loose the job - then I get to keep the salary for so on so long I had before I quit the job.

Nina Stensland, came to the shop, she wanted to buy a pizza. I refused her because she is a bully. She leaves kind of gutted, but hooked up with some guys I knew a little bit up in the way - heading home.

Nina was really mean to me in school. I was jealous of her lip balm, So I stole it. A freebie from a magazine. Not a biggie. But they wrote a note to my home and lied about what I had stolen. They wrote a list of things that they accused me of stealing. And she bullied me after that.


I am on rollerblades in the city centrum. From the shop I just visited with those people, those hippies. I brought some indian smoke but not hash or marihuana. I don't get high anymore. So I leave the shop - on rollerblades. I meet Helene in a shop, looking at pants. Gotta leave because they dont want smoke on the pants. Helene knows about chakras, and she feels them too.

She knows the next place to be. She is better than me. I suggested face painting that Hindu forehead stamp to the hippies. Hindu spot. In neon.

There's a shop not far away that a woman is renting.

I have asked her to rent a part of it - to share with her. I use a lot of breaks on the rolleblades, but I am good in it. I know how to rollerblade, and I know how to handle stearing and breaking. Helene is with her sister. In the shop Tina is hanging around and opposing a threat.

Shes rude vibed, tries to exclude me. I have always had rollerblades but typically its seldom that I ever used them. But I yearly took my Rollerblades out of the house to try it when I were younger. And it's too dangerous for me I think. It's not safe. So I never went the long ways or used them for a long time. It's really not that fun. It's all about the way you control the breaking.

There's new stairs inside. I am going to a pshyciatrist, the same one that my cousin Balder goes to. I saw his notes about Balder in the book on the page before mine. Balder is a teenager now who I try to support with helping focusing on the right things.

Like reminding he that life comes next, and that he's gonna need a good job that pays enough and that it's gonna matter when he's like 30 or something. I try to support him to not do any wrong steps. He's on the way to do his first wrong steps, and I have picked up on it, and tries to turn his focus to the right way for him.

Helene and me found a self serve ice-cream stand with a lot of different ice. I picked some of every single type, and spilled out some. But some people on the side noticed us and called the ice cream serve stand owner, I think we stole - and that she tried noticing the owner about what we were doing. We might get away with it tho, if we hurry away quickly. I were thinking about leaving when they called the owner.

Helene is a girl I went to springboard diving with. I also went to the same school as her. She's a very good smelling person. She went in parallell class with me for three years. She's now moved and got kids, and lives her life on the other side of the earth from where I am. We are not in contact anymore.

Stella Antoniette