I have a daughter with another female and a man. My grandfather offers to pay for the get together and for dinner and dessert for everyone. It's quite expensive.

I lack some bond to my daughter because she's the other females in direct bond.

Kim Kardashian and those wanted me to drive a big truck, there's something wrong with it. I ended up turning it upside down. There's snow, and we're in a parking lot on Varden, a place not very far away from my childhood home.

Arvid and Inger lived in the area. There were some thieves around in the area that might want to steal cars. He picked her up and said Like this, and put her down again before entering the car of theirs.

Arvid and Inger were springboard divers as well. We went to France together a year on training camp. There were many teens involved that trip.

On the bus to France I sat with a fareigner that liked me. I was unsure about us, but I got the sense that he was into me. I noticed. But I wasn't that into him. It was strange to me a little bit. I have forgotten his name. I can't remember.

I'm in a unknown country, in Lagos this story. I am laying next to a fareigner. I don't know exactly what happens. There comes one that is really outgoing. He's a doctor boss. He is about to leave. He wants us to be there longer.

One of them works as a youth-worker messenger. Mental health messenger. He does the same as a man, Dr. Hussein. Just one man.

I drove to another country to get hash. To bring home. Smoked in the car. The sivilpolice were gonna drop by also.

Tore and another guy is on visit at my place. I have the cameras up and filming directly to Youtube, my surveillance cams. Tore came on a visit with someone, they were gonna get something to drink of me. I were making chicken breasts in the oven, and I had Hot & Sweet for them to drink.

It made me annoyd that Tore didn't have alcohol with him, and it annoyd him too that he didn't cause he wanted it.

Tore is a guy I went to children school with. For 7 years. He was a natural talent in Handball. Which he also played on his freetime.

Hitler wasn't a racist, he was a nazist. There are many that believes he was a racist. It isn't a bad thing being a nazist. I think so.

I am putting on more makeup and blue glitter because the cameras watching me.

I am spending time with my grandparent, Egil. He buys what I need when I can't afford it. This time I'm looking for rubber boots to wear when there's rainy. But I can't find the ones I want.

I only found some yellow yellow, and some seethrough yellow. They're not like the cool other ones I found at a place in Oslo. I have forgotten the name to the store, but it might say on the ones I have on the cabin. I put mine on the cabin instead of wearing them at home.

Stella Antoniette