There's a deal that tries to save us. We, me and some girls are in the theater and there's a girl sitting all alone, a blond is sitting on the theater-scene. It looks like she is busy with something.

Suddenly Cecilie sais there's something here, there's something here. And she is commenting that there's an entity there. I go some steps down but turns around of fear, then suddenly it takes a hold of my spirit which suddenly floats in the air.

It pulls out my soul feeling, which I felt new recently - I had just felt how my habit about arranging courses were, the feeling habit were suddenly there in my feeling. I felt warm, and soulful. But this entity breaths in a big breath from my vagina and empties me, steals my feelings with breathing it in.

Cecilie is the girl I were friends with on the teenschool for 3 years. We were making so much fun in the back of the class. We joked and laughed, and pranked and had a really good time. We went to DK together on a bicycle trip. Did hellalot of selfies, and she lost that cam when she came home somehow. All those best looking pictures ever. I am not a friend of her anymore.

Morten N. my uncle has just been there with a group of men on the course with us. They have just left the building while I stayed behind with a group of women, and I decided we were gonna clean the theater after the course we've just spent time on.

There's a lot of dirt and stuff around the seats that needs to be cleaned off. It dragged my feeling down into it. I lost a lot of feelings. A lot of presence.

Right before my energy was pulled out, I thought about avoiding going down there to that girl and Cecilie. I thought about stepping on the right steps to avoid it. That there were steps to step on to avoid it.

The entity is a wrong shaped soul, a mass that is shaped the wrong way. Like unsuccessfully shaped.

There's a guy with a red face that shows to me. Inger puts a shopping bag in his eye, as symbol of what he has in focus, which is shopping.

Like clouded vision that focuses on shopping - instead of focusing on saving money, using it on food. Instead of being tactically right with money, he has a shopping bag in focus.

I visit Only and buys a new product that costs 200kr for 3 pieces. It's parfume bottles, and different smells.

Like vanilla cream smell, square bodylotion glass. One has shimmer of gold, one has shimmer of silver, the third has shimmer of cream or something. They're on sale, one for 30kr, one for 50kr.

I am on a boat that is possible to fish salmon fish on. There's someone there next to me that gets salmon all the time to bite their hook.

They helped me place bait on the hook, a real fish, putting the hook on the fin. But it didn't help me. I didn't get any fish on the hook even if they helped me.

I'm visiting a prison boat. I brought a guinea pig, and were given amphetamin to carry in my pocket.

I proceeded in, the dogs didn't stop me, they didn't catch me. But I didn't find who I were gonna give it to. Nicki Minaj were there too in a gang with some people.

I were supposed to be with Nicki Minaj, but not much happened of it. I reinstalled my computer. There were one who sat in a boat in the harbor when we arrived.

My aunt and uncle and cousin picked me up from the ferry. There's a boat that crashed into another boat, and they didn't seem to have control at all on the boat.

I tried putting placing my guinea pig to leave it there, letting someone find it and take care of it. I looked and looked for a place to leave my guinea pig. A place where I wanted to leave it.

When I was leaving the boat I were pretty unsure if I would get out without getting caught. The amphetamin were still in my pocket, and I were nervous of it.

Kristine is a really good quality body, she is well grown up and got a positive future about her body. I could see her mood on the body, and she looks like she is a really positive person.

Stella Antoniette