I have feelings for Nina, and I mention it what kind of feelings I have. We're at the beach and there's a shark coming up and threatens us.

The shark is hurting someone. It ends with that those who I am with gets problems of the hooking. Those who hooks together gets problems of the hooking. I have been in love with Nina since 2018.

I knew it immediately that she is someone special to me. I have known her since my teens. I think I missed her so much that I started crying back then.

I missed her again. She kissed me, and my feeling rise. I better. She aroused me, with a rose. And I triggered on her. Many times. I learned to french kiss with her. I learned what love is.

I learned what romance means. I learned that it matters. The act matters. I really truly love Nina. I have dedicated myself the rest of life in feelings. And she's hurt me so bad.

Like there's happened so many things in between in the feelings, so many people, and so many things. I started hating her as well.

The police notices my writing, and hacks in a hack that transfers my texts into codes to signalize which kind of text this is. A new code-language that means revealed. Registered as that problem.

My uncle were gonna be the hooker, and he was gonna sell or use the drugs. He knew about it. He reminded me that he is better reminding himself to hack in a new hack. They found out there were something that goes on.

It was a hack about understanding that too. A hacking language, back on top of the police again. I have been bothered and had to respond - and I think I get the blame. I also punched Torsteins eyebrow when he didn't want to include me in the family. It's rude, my mother died and I have only this family.

And they freeze me out. I punished him with a small punch on his eyebrow. He got a small wound of my ring. But he didn't want to include me. That's why. He didn't go to the police about it. I didn't think it was unserious either - and I feel releaved that I am not turned to the police.

I didn't really mean to create a problem, I didn't think about it. But I think he understands that it is serious to freeze me out. He and them are the only family I have left, and they jduge me for my many experiments I have done alone being bothered and bored. Like I went without shoes for a while.

I put a too big table in the living room. I have travelled without money on couch surfing and just trying to travel without money. I gave a strange christmas present or something for Ingrid, because I couldnt find a better, so I got something they could trade. They didn't see it that way tho, they thought it was a wrong gift or something.

It were Totts grown up Vinjar that was gonna buy - that was a part of the revelation. Vinjar is Torsteins youngest son.

I turn to a baby girl that were gonna get juice in the jelly.

I were taking care, child-care of a child that sat in the trolly when I needed to go to the toilet. My stomach is so hard, the poops doesn't come out, I have to manual press the poops out with my fingers on toilet paper. I needed to check if I really pooped my pants for real, I felt I pooped a little bit.

The Silva methods coursists wanted to teach a course online instead of in real life. It's so expensive. It was a new type of course, not the one they have had that I enrolled to. I went to their course back in 2007. That's the first course, and the second course sometime in 2014,2015.

I went back again to freshen up the memory about the course and didn't have to pay a large amount this time since I already had been at the most expensive first course. But they really let me down. I didn't get any contacts, or investor help. I got to learn a powerful way to make money, but no investors.

This new thing was about something to do differently. I think they should teach me this in real life, not through a online course.

Later, I am alone and I am chilling out, laying down. I was gonna masturbate. I finally felt that right energy and the right feeling. It's been years since I felt that feeling. The right power in the masturbation. But there were some guys that rented the beds next to me and tried to settle down and kind of stared at me. I felt they stalked me, and I think they were thinking about having sex with me. At least that's the impression I had they wanted. I felt like needing to hide and get away from them.

I touched a girls lips after touching my clit. Without washing my fingers. That was wrong to me. Since I think I smell - and the STD tests are negative. But I smell, so I think it was wrong to touch her lips after touching my own clit. But I did it. And I it was so wrong.

I am having a problem with the STD tests not working propely, or that they are tampered with. I went from negative test in Norway, to positive test in Greece, two weeks between. And I got antibiotics in Greece, but not in Norway. I healed and got well. First time I've smelled well was after Greece.

And now it's the exact same situation. I smell, but Norway gives me negative tests. So I am going to Greece again to test me.

I think Norway is under STD pressure of the police minister, and a politican. They are hacking the system and give the wrong results. I found news from Greece that said so.

Stella Antoniette