Annizette & Isabell was suddenly around me. They were nice towards me, like they didn't feel against me, and it showed.

I decided to take them in and make them my friends, and with everyone who acts nice to me when I meet them, I am going to use this as point when I talk to them. Either way, they are either my friends or my enemies. It depends what they think after I mention it.

You are acting so kind to me, but if you are not my friend in reality, you are a looser that acts kind to me, is my point. And if you're my friend, then that's it.

I'm gonna comment it, that you've been away. It's kind of a game if you ask me. Because after all this time that I have been alone, that you have made me alone, but suddenly you're kind to me when I meet you, and you seem like a close friend to me. But what are you for real? Are you my friend or not?

We haven't talked for many years... We used to be so good friends in the allotment gardens. I used to sleep over at your place. I used to go to handball practise with the people you know. I were involved. As a cousin. But suddenly you decided to not contact me.

To not invite me. You married. You had two kids. I feel strongly about how much I deserve being a part of the family. I feel it strongly that it's wrong of you. How you have frozen me out. Let me fight what is difficult to handle. But I am strong. But I am alone.

I wonder if you feel guilty that you didn't invite me. Do you feel it in your stomach? Do you feel I deserve to be a part of the family? It's strange if you don't. Because I haven't done anything wrong to you or me. I just went to ravepartys in the lack of alternatives.

New Game Details

The clues I get in the game is a mold for a key that is a key that goes in circle with itself. It has a start, and the end makes the start. The point with gaining keys are what I think it is, to push the buttons I learn have keys, and make combinations with the keys on the keyboard. The more times I push the button that belong to a key, the more bonus action I get.

The game controls what is said in real life. Which house you get, and what people tell you in birthday parties. You have to push secret keys, to get patterns and shapes to new keys. I have to go to a forger to forge keys. Special keys to get molds. You can ask to buy star frogs.

Tott & My sister is involved. There's many more involved. People who decides if I get a star frog or not. And if I asked about a starfrog it meant something - is what they think.

Stella Antoniette