As an afghan born girl, I've always from the earliest age, been obsessed with afghan fashion. The colorful clothing, with unique designs can always take my breath away. These clothes, my mom designed for me, from her trip to Afghanistan and i love it.

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I have officially said goodbye to summer sixteen this month, there is no denying the changing season.

My two favorite seasons of the year are without any doubt, summer and autumn. There is just a special air around these times, and i love every single moment of it.

Well there must be something special about October, because i have been to so many parties and weddings so far, and the month isn't over yet.

I put this outfit together for a wedding, by combining a cute colorful skirt with a simple white shirt. Very simple, very chic, and affordable for anyone.



I meant to post this at the end of september but i never got around to do it. But here it finally is, my first ever book haul! 

I picked these beauties up along last month, and i haven't got around to reading all of them.

The books, starting from bottom is:

Bartimaeus 3 - Jonathan Stroud 

The ring of Solomon (Bartimaeus) - Jonathan Stroud

Artemis Fowl, the eternity code - Eoin Colfer

Half Bad - Sally Green

Why the whales came - Michael Morpurgo 

So far the books that i haven't read yet is, Bartimaeus, the ring of Solomon, and why the whales came.

I highly recommend all of these books, they are written so well and takes you breath away. 

So pick up one of these books to read in these cozy nights to come. <3 



Hello to anyone that reads

Im positive that we've all heard the phrase: what do you want to be, when you get bigger? or where do you see yourself in 10 years?. 

My goal has always changed over they years, to just name a few things that i wanted to be: princess, magician, designer, model, breakdancer, actress, singer, the president of United states( don't laugh, I was a kid), queen, mangaka and many more. 

But i never said those things when asked.

So where did I see myself when asked these question? an author. 

It's kinda funny, because I used to hate reading, I hated everything about it, and I was so bad at it, that I had to get extra lessons, so I could keep up with my classmates. That all changed, when there came a big change in my life, we moved home from one side of Denmark to the other side, and the hardest part about that for a 12 year old, is leaving her friends to start over in a new school. Now I didn't have the best of luck at making friends, I'm a pretty shy person, but in middle school I barely talked. I wanted so confident, talkative bold and have the strength to get out of my shell, but my anxiety, kept me back. What did i use to escape this lonely reality? the thing that i used to hate: reading. I loved that you could escape reality, to escape to another universe, where kings ruled and dragons flew, where the teenager got her happy ending and relationship got born out of nothing. I feel in love with the beauty of books, the smell, the felling of turning a page, the mystery and the magic. 

When people asked me, what do you want to be when you grow older, i always gave them the same answer: an author!. Ive wrote countless of stories, all of them unfinished, they are all my babies haha that is stuck in my head. Ive never let anyone read my stories, except for two times, where i got to write whatever my heart desired. In middle school, I wrote a poem, and my teacher thought I stoled it from the internet (it was that good of a poem). In high school, i wrote a paper, about my childhood, and when i got my paper back, the teacher told me that I wrote beautifully and had potential as an author. That gave me hope, and more desire to accomplish my dream. 

 But as time has passed, i forgot about that dream. 

When I was 16 my goal was to have written a book at the age of 18, but at the age of 18  i had forgotten all about those dreams. So what does that mean, I suddenly don't want to be an author? I'm certainly not studying to become an author. Now I have a dream about working with fashion and PR, and that is pretty far from an author that writes fiction. Ive come to the conclusion, that i love and want both. I will never really give up on my dream of becoming an author, even though it feels as if i will never get the time for it, while I'm studying Business Communication. Or maybe I can combine those two, who nows? There is so many options, and I've finally come to terms, thats everything doesn't have to be set in stone, and while I'm figuring out what life is about, i might as well enjoy the ride. 

- Nilo 

(i was eating that sandwich while i was writing) 



​Hi loves! 

So here is my first outfit post on the blog! Hope you like it, its very simple, but classy at the same time. The pants creates the sophisticated look, while the simple shirt gives it, an everyday look, which I like. 

My eid has been very chill, i spent the day with my parents mostly at home. I chose to spend the day with my family rather than going out. I'am in general a home person, which is the reason that i rarely leave my house hehe, id rather spend the day in bed.

I wish you Eid mubarak, and hope you're surrounded by your loved ones, and that you'll get to eat a lot of dessert and delicious food! <3  



We are closing in on the month of September, which for university students means, back again to studying, sleepless nights, exams and shitty Monday's!

I wanna make this post as I reminder to myself, because I haven't always ( or ever) been the best student. I always make these promises, that I'm going to do better this semester, get an A in every test, but every year I fail to keep those promises....

This year Iam starting at my 5th semester, and last year of my bachelor degree, and I know that I ain't got no time to fool around. Last year is the most important year, for me at least.

So I have set up some realistic goals for myself, that Iam going to keep!

1 hour of preparing for the next school day. Setting up some dates for when to start on preparing for exams ( I always prepare when it's to late )
And last but not least, during finals I have to take it chill sometimes and not just lock myself into my room and never see the sunlight.

Well these are my goals for school, and everyone should make some goals that can work for them. Wishing every student out there the best of luck, because I know we all need it!

( btw the photo above, was a photo that was taken this weekend where I had my first brunch ever. It was the perfect weather to eat outside and chill)




So i have finally managed to make a blog, after talking about it for so long. I actually used to have a blog once, but I never posted anything, so it got deleted eventually, but not this time! This time, I am going to keep this blog updated. 

Don't know what more to write, feels kinda awkward lol. 

Anyway, thanks for reading!