This is me.

Dear Readers,

Welcome to my blog!

I have thought about this for a while now and it's finally happening.

My name is Nikita Ruhl. I am a 23 year old girl living in Stockholm, Sweden. I work as a ballerina at The Royal Swedish Ballet. That means that six days a week I go to work and dance ballet the whole day.

Life as a ballerina is hard but it is such a priviledge to be working with something you love and feel very passionate about. Standing there on stage makes you forget everything. Hearing the audience clap after you finished a three hour long performance is an honor since day one and will always be. It is such a special feeling that it is hard to put it to words.

I started my career when I was 10 years old at The Royal Swedish Ballet School here in Stockholm. I continued my upper school ballet studies abroad at The Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden (London, United Kingdom) where I graduated from in 2013. After school I worked one year with Birmingham Royal Ballet and in 2014 I moved back to my hometown to join the Royal Swedish Ballet.

This blog will contain all of what the ballet life includes, but also everything else that surrounds me such as travels,food,fashion and lifestyle.

I hope you will continue reading!

For any request or wishes please email me at: [email protected]





Luiza Lopss