Sunny days in Stockholm.

Aloooha! ☀️

The sun hasn't filed for divorce yeeet.
Maybe it's finally here to stay? Who knows..
You can't help but craving to be in a bikini, lie on that beach and feel the summer breeze in your hair. But just wait it will come, I promise. But right now I'm just so happy that we just got some sun over here, so I'm doing my best to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Today's lunch spot was the newly opened healthy pizza place called " 18|89 fast fine pizza". It's located in Mood Gallerian, Stockholm. The pizza was delicious and we really enjoyed it after a morning of work at the ballet.
I definitely recommend it if your in town and up for a little healthier version of a pizza!

After enjoying an afternoon in the sun it's now time for beddy.
Tomorrow it's time for a workshop at work.
We have this workshop to prepare us for an upcoming ballet called "Artifact Suite" , which we will be performing in the season of 2017/2018. There will be a lot of steps to learn, but it will be a fun adventure and I am just so excited to be taking part in such a special workshop. I got to be awake and alert, ready to memorise all the steps so right now it's time to sleep.

Nighty night⭐️


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