Sunday 30th of April.

Sundays.. you wake up and you can stay in bed as long as you want. Do I need to say much more?

Today I woke up and first thing I did after my bath was making brunch. Sundays are all about the brunch, just saying. Brunch is just something I can't get enough of. Since I love cooking it's just fun and relaxing to be taking time in the kitchen, as I hardly ever get so much time to play around with ingredients. After brunch me and him had some adventures on the road in my car. The sun has finally decided to visit Sweden so it was a perfect moment to visit a lovely café on the countryside. Since spring was saying hello I dug deep to reflect the weather in my today's outfit, feeling happy that the snow is finally gone and away.

Find your spring outfit HEREEE or HEEEERE hahaha ;)

It was just such a relaxing Sunday and I needed it because tomorrow it is time for another show day.

Some nice Sunday vibes overall with a lil' bit of spring.

Now it's sleepy time!

Nighty night.

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