Breakfast in town.

I started this snowy day with a lovely breakfast at Riche this morning. Definitely recommend this awesome place for a nice calm breakfast before work. The staff is incredibly nice and the food is so pretty you don't even want to eat it. But so yeah it disappeared somehow...

I then had to conquer the snowstorm and walk to work at Kungliga Operan. When at work I put my ballet clothes on, my ballet shoes on, put my hair in a bun, filled up my water bottle to maximum and I was ready to start the day with ballet class.
Before ballet class you always do your own warm up. Just like a football player does his warm up before a game, us dancers also have to warm up before we start so we don't get any injuries.
Then the ballet teacher who's teaching the ballet class arrives and you ballet away for the next hour and fifteen, at least, before you get your first short break. 💃🏻 #ballerinamorning