Hello again 🙋🏻

We are soon ending another week, time flies by so quickly. So before this weekend starts I'll just do a quick look back at last weekend.

Saturday, I had another show of "Drömmen om Svansjön" at Kungliga Operan. I had such a blast on stage because I got to dance with my little brother Frei, who is also working at The Royal Swedish Ballet as a ballet dancer. We had so much fun together on stage.
After a full day of performing on stage it was nice to come home to a lovely meal and a nice relaxing evening.

Sunday, I woke up to the sun shining and it just puts you in the best mood. This Sunday we were ready for some adventures, so I was practically playing Dora the whole day. We drove out from the city to a small village called Sigtuna. It's just the cutest little town with all the small streets and the pretty cafées right by the sea. We stopped for a really nice lunch break there and some time in the sun. When the sun was setting we drove back to Stockholm, one gorgeous sunset I must say. Got back home, had a quick change of clothes and off we went to watch my little brother perform the main male role in a ballet called "Don Quijote". He did such a great job, so yeah walked out of the theatre with a proud sister smile on my face, hah. Ending Sunday in the best way with family and friends.

Let's see what this weekend will bring! 😎

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Aloooha! ☀️

The sun hasn't filed for divorce yeeet.
Maybe it's finally here to stay? Who knows..
You can't help but craving to be in a bikini, lie on that beach and feel the summer breeze in your hair. But just wait it will come, I promise. But right now I'm just so happy that we just got some sun over here, so I'm doing my best to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Today's lunch spot was the newly opened healthy pizza place called " 18|89 fast fine pizza". It's located in Mood Gallerian, Stockholm. The pizza was delicious and we really enjoyed it after a morning of work at the ballet.
I definitely recommend it if your in town and up for a little healthier version of a pizza!

After enjoying an afternoon in the sun it's now time for beddy.
Tomorrow it's time for a workshop at work.
We have this workshop to prepare us for an upcoming ballet called "Artifact Suite" , which we will be performing in the season of 2017/2018. There will be a lot of steps to learn, but it will be a fun adventure and I am just so excited to be taking part in such a special workshop. I got to be awake and alert, ready to memorise all the steps so right now it's time to sleep.

Nighty night⭐️


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Sundays.. you wake up and you can stay in bed as long as you want. Do I need to say much more?

Today I woke up and first thing I did after my bath was making brunch. Sundays are all about the brunch, just saying. Brunch is just something I can't get enough of. Since I love cooking it's just fun and relaxing to be taking time in the kitchen, as I hardly ever get so much time to play around with ingredients. After brunch me and him had some adventures on the road in my car. The sun has finally decided to visit Sweden so it was a perfect moment to visit a lovely café on the countryside. Since spring was saying hello I dug deep to reflect the weather in my today's outfit, feeling happy that the snow is finally gone and away.

Find your spring outfit HEREEE or HEEEERE hahaha ;)

It was just such a relaxing Sunday and I needed it because tomorrow it is time for another show day.

Some nice Sunday vibes overall with a lil' bit of spring.

Now it's sleepy time!

Nighty night.

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Work work work.
Tomorrow it's finally show day after a lot of work this week. Tonight is the night to take care of yourself and your body so that you are mentally and physically ready to perform at your very best tomorrow. I have a three hour performance of a ballet called "Drömmen om Svansjön" by Pär Isberg at Kungliga Operan.
It is a twist on a well known ballet called Swanlake, that has lived on through centuries.

Check this link if your interested in buying a ticket to come and watch a performance :)
Kungliga Operan

I am going to go to bed early so that I get a good sleep, and so that I'll wake up bright and early.
Tomorrow morning I'll have a nice breakfast and then I'm off to work to get ready to perform!

Wish me luck :)


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I started this snowy day with a lovely breakfast at Riche this morning. Definitely recommend this awesome place for a nice calm breakfast before work. The staff is incredibly nice and the food is so pretty you don't even want to eat it. But so yeah it disappeared somehow...

I then had to conquer the snowstorm and walk to work at Kungliga Operan. When at work I put my ballet clothes on, my ballet shoes on, put my hair in a bun, filled up my water bottle to maximum and I was ready to start the day with ballet class.
Before ballet class you always do your own warm up. Just like a football player does his warm up before a game, us dancers also have to warm up before we start so we don't get any injuries.
Then the ballet teacher who's teaching the ballet class arrives and you ballet away for the next hour and fifteen, at least, before you get your first short break. 💃🏻 #ballerinamorning




Dear Readers,

Welcome to my blog!

I have thought about this for a while now and it's finally happening.

My name is Nikita Ruhl. I am a 23 year old girl living in Stockholm, Sweden. I work as a ballerina at The Royal Swedish Ballet. That means that six days a week I go to work and dance ballet the whole day.

Life as a ballerina is hard but it is such a priviledge to be working with something you love and feel very passionate about. Standing there on stage makes you forget everything. Hearing the audience clap after you finished a three hour long performance is an honor since day one and will always be. It is such a special feeling that it is hard to put it to words.

I started my career when I was 10 years old at The Royal Swedish Ballet School here in Stockholm. I continued my upper school ballet studies abroad at The Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden (London, United Kingdom) where I graduated from in 2013. After school I worked one year with Birmingham Royal Ballet and in 2014 I moved back to my hometown to join the Royal Swedish Ballet.

This blog will contain all of what the ballet life includes, but also everything else that surrounds me such as travels,food,fashion and lifestyle.

I hope you will continue reading!

For any request or wishes please email me at: Nikita.ruhl@live.se