Stop, my body!

Hi friends!

I just have to start off by letting you all know of how crazy my face has been the last few nights. Every night around 2am I've been waking up with a huge allergic reaction on my lip for no apparent reason. It started on Friday I believe, so since then I've taken an allergy pill before bed and washed my sheets every 3rd day or so, but my lip still swells up. How crazy?

In other news I feel like so much is going on, when nothing really is. The last few days I've been studying, my mom took me to IKEA once again, and we went hiking a few times. Oh! And my sunglasses came in :) Look how stinking cute they are. I love them so much, and I especially love that they have an Elton-vibe without being too Elton if you know what I mean? What do you think?

Lastly I have to show you what Millie was looking like 30 minutes before we went hiking. She was so sleepy and laid like that for so long! Oh! Something I've been thinking about lately is what children say to express integrity regarding their body in America. So random, but I'm really and truly wondering. In Sweden they say "Stop, my body" which I assume makes sense here in America too, but does an expression like that already exist here? Like an established saying? In my mind, I'm thinking it most likely doesn't as Americans generally aren't too forward with questions in regards to protecting ones body. I remember being a little girl and being "forced" to hug my relatives friends and how uncomfortable that would make me feel, and I would really love to teach my future children from a young age that they don't have to hug or touch anyone that they don't feel comfortable doing so with. Does any of you know an American saying that is easy for children to comprehend?

Anyways, have a great night and please enjoy how pretty Millie and this view is :)