Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi friends!

If it’s been a busy week? If I’ve been decorating and cooking and cleaning for hours every day? Yes and yes. This year my family and I decided to use the American tradition of Thanksgiving as a pre party for Christmas, and it was great! Since I still don’t see a reason to celebrate the roots of Thanksgiving, I figured it’s a good excuse to start Christmas early.

My husband invited one of his friends over and mom and I was in the kitchen all day yesterday. I made my first ever sweet potato pie (recipe by Chrissy Teigen of course) and it was so amazing! I had no idea sweet potato pie was that good lol. You learn something new every day. Anyways, it was such a cozy day and it was great to have my otherwise busy, always-out-with-friends-or-working husband home for the night! We even took a picture to remember the first thanksgiving we actually celebrated :)

Oh and one of Pierre’s friends has started tattooing and I might want to get a tattoo! A few years ago I would love getting them but now I’m not so into the whole pain thing anymore hehe. We’ll see though!

And I promise I’ll show you pictures of our holiday decorations sometime this weekend. Maybe on Sunday, as I think we’re making gingerbread houses then :)

Have a great weekend!!