Doctor’s appointments & Christmas planning

Hi friends!

I’ve been going through some personal health issues lately that has made me less interested in sharing my life with all of you. Luckily, I have a virtual doctor’s appointment on Monday, so that’s a start of solving the concerns about my health!

Anyways, Christmas seasons are in full bloom and I am yet to share our decorations with you. I promise I’m gonna do it. Maybe in a vlog? Where my mom and I make candy and things as well? Please comment what you think of a Christmas special and of how you would want to experience it with my family :)

Above is simply my family and I cuddling happily during my favorite holiday🥰

Lastly, I’ve been all around town today getting the very last items for the Christmas Eve dinner! Well, everything one can purchase this far before the holiday. Mom and I are trying to beat the rush as we’re more or less at risk considering we have asthma. Oh! I got the very very last box of Swedish Aladdin chocolate!! If you know you know.

How’s your holidays looking during this very special year? Are you mostly sad about not spending time with your beloved elders or have to been able to find joy in the little things?

Ending with this colorful image of me and Pierre from last Christmas! We look so different, don’t you think?