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The hot hair trend of the moment is corkscrew curls, a 1980s retro throwback that has been taking the ‘gram by storm! According to Elle Magazine, the perm is definitely making a return, and the tighter your locks, the tighter your look.

Not only are curls great for evening glam, but they can also be styled for the daytime too. With many hair and beauty bloggers religiously searching for the best sleep-in ‘overnight curls’ solution so they can get the look from the moment they wake up, ready for work, school or college. Whilst this hairstyle is great for the summer months (roll on SS18), it’s also a fabulous way of injecting a bit of life to dull winter hair.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you achieve beautiful corkscrew curls...

What You Need:

This look is super easy to create but it can be time-consuming, so make sure you have plenty of time to get ready before attempting this style. In order to get maximum volume, we recommend getting some hair extensions to add a few more layers to your natural hair.

  • Good quality clip-in hair extensions
  • A paddle hairbrush
  • A comb
  • Thin barrelled curling iron
  • Hairspray
  • Hair clips

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Here is a step by step hair tutorial to help you achieve tight curl perfection with minimal effort. If you’re planning a big night out, you may want to make sure your makeup is already done. Depending on how much hair you / how many extensions you use, this could take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

From this video, you will notice that the process can take a lot of time and patience (and a lot of repetition). But practice makes perfect and the more you do this hairstyle, the easier it will get.

Top tip for beginners: For this particular look, it’s easier to clip in hair extensions as you go, clipping and curling a layer at a time rather than all in one go. Whilst other styles can be achieved by fixing extensions in first, this needs to be done in stages for manageability.

1. Clip the top half of your hair and work from the neck up. Add your first weft of extensions then brush through with your natural hair.

2. Heat up your wand and start curling small sections (about the same size as the wand). The best curling technique is to wrap the hair behind the wand and away from your face, with the wand pointing downwards. Hold for a second and then let go.

3. Curl all sections of hair on both sides and you should be left with your bottom layer of curls. Do not brush, but unclip the next layer of hair and start adding in your next weft of extensions.

4. Repeat this process until you have curled the rest of your hair. Once done, take a large paddle brush and brush through your curls to add natural volume.

5. For the perfect voluminous finish, you can use a backcombing brush to create texture near your roots. Finish with hairspray!

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By Jennifer Fielding

When it comes to seasonally transcending garments, coats don’t ever truly cross. What works for the summer won’t necessarily get you through the winter. Which is why it’s time to seek out the perfect coat to get you feeling festive for the holidays.

Style: Faux Fur

As we are rapidly approaching the party season, it is important to consider those cold winter nights when it comes to testing out your new party dress. The faux fur coat is a timeless statement piece of practicality and style. Which makes it the ideal choice when it comes to taking an outfit from day to night.

Style: Rain Coat

A raincoat is a wardrobe essential for the winter weather, so why not bring a little more colour and excitement. Brighten up your rainy days with a good print; something with an animated design, or keep it classic with a polka dot or stripe.

Style: Teddy Bear

A super cozy, often oversized boxy coat perfect for tackling the winter weather, whilst also being big enough to cover layered outfits. They provide the easiest match to most outfit combinations and sure way to keep warm whilst turning heads.

Style: Puffer Jackets

A more recent addition to the must-have coat collection this year is the puffer jacket. A style that offers cosy comfort and warmth with a modern twist for a more casual look.

Style: The ‘Prince Of Wales’ Coat

Another style classic is The Prince of Wales coat also often referred to as the heritage coat. Whilst you might not be as familiar with the name, the stunning checkered prints can give an effortless touch of boldness to an otherwise simple ensemble.



By Jennifer Fielding

Pop culture of the late 80s raised the expectations of 21st-century technology. Influences from science fiction films such as Back To The Future envisioned us traveling around on hoverboards with robot assistants. Whilst reality isn’t there just quite yet, more cities are starting to develop into smart cities, which makes the likelihood of flying cars and trips to the moon a lot more possible for the near future.

New York, London, and Tokyo, all are making steps forward to becoming smart cities. Using innovative technology to cover every element of a cities operations from public transport to water and power supply, smart cities aim to preserve energy as well as finding ways to save money.

A recent introduction of smart meters has meant that most households now already have the ability to control their house from their smartphones. For example, switching your heating on, turning your lights on and off as well as controlling the settings for your central heating system. Their job is to help people save money and provide efficiency. There’s the option of connecting to voice-powered devices like the Amazon Alexa and Echo which can enable searches and audio playback upon request. These are bringing us just one step closer to the possibility of a complete voice automated home.

Smart cities are improving more than just housing, last year Uber announced their idea to take their service one step further by offering their customers the option of air travel. Helping bring forward the longly anticipated invention of what will essentially be flying cars. Uber hopes to help improve their service by removing the factor of getting stuck in everyday traffic and getting their customers to their location a lot quicker.


More recently the company announced their partnership with NASA, and have since claimed that they plan to launch this service by the year 2020. It is smart cities that are leading society to more technological advancements. With flying cars to be provided by NASA, customers could fly from A-to-B for as cheap as £20.


Flying cars are in the near future, but flying food is already on its way to some countries. Drones have already begun to circulate and become a delivery service for companies such as Amazon, but now takeaways want to be apart of the action.

The drones’ impact on our environment is mostly positive as they contribute significantly less air pollution compared to cars, with the added benefit of getting food orders to doorsteps in a matter of minutes - no traffic, no delays. With the capability of drones to travel up to 200mph, it’s one way to ensure a speedy delivery. However, there is still the issue of how to land the drones directly at people's doorsteps.

The fact of the matter is cities are becoming smart cities. Advancements in otherwise mundane services are creating a more eco-friendly environment and bringing benefits to the day-to-day lives of everyone living in them. It’s only a matter of years before they become completely globalised and we start seeing their impact.



By Jennifer Fielding

The last decade has seen the introduction of smartphones, tablets and now smart wearables. The recent trend of smart wearables is increasing in popularity, they are seemingly more focused on people's fitness, and helping to benefit how people are taking care of their personal health and keeping their bodies in check.


One of the most popular items of the past couple of years has been the Fitbit watch. The device works are your own personal coach by using PurePulse technology to monitor your daily fitness activity. By logging your day-to-day activity and exercise, its main objective is to help you lose weight works to help you lose weight. The watch also has the ability keep track of your current weight and record your sleep pattern. In order to help you reach your fitness goals, the device will give you a little push by sending notifications to start moving if you’ve been still for too long. Given their rise to popularity, Fitbit has begun to collaborate with designers such as Tory Burch and Public School to make the watch customisable, but more importantly, personal to its user.


But, shaping the future of healthcare, isn’t the only technological advancement that smart wearables have introduced. Apple launched their first SmartWatch back in 2015 and whilst the device is significantly more expensive than the original Fitbit, it has an awful lot more to offer its user. The Apple Watch is now on its 3rd series and enables all the same fitness tracking abilities as the Fitbit, however, it also functions as an iPhone. A slick-stylish look transforms an otherwise simple timepiece into a hub for all your technological needs.

With designer brands taking notice of their increase in popularity, brands have begun launching their own versions of the SmartWatch. Meaning our technology is advancing into fashion making our favourite devises a lot more stylish and well as useful.


Maybe a step too far for the health conscious, but a step away from the wrist wear is the Smart Bra. First introduced early on this year, Canadian startup brand VITALI Wear has launched their first design of the Smart Bra. The piece provides all the essential support required by your regular sports bra, alongside the ability to monitor your heart rate. Working as a fitness tracker, it is both practical and helpful in helping its owner stay active.

The future of smart wearables is becoming more and more dominant in the fashion industry. As the new tech is created, it works out the kinks of how to shape its way into your personal style. Merging tech and designers to tighter knit the daily connections people are becoming more and more reliant as a part of daily routine.



(Image source: Pixabay)

The trends that we see on runways aren’t always easy to emulate. In fact, many of the styles that come and go are so far out of reach that they will never infiltrate the everyday wardrobe. But what we can learn from the ever so distant world of high fashion is that there is always a way of making the inaccessible, accessible.

It’s all about the way we interpret a designer’s story. And the way we translate catwalk narrative into street style. Here are the hottest trends of AW17 that are easy to incorporate into any winter look.

1. Colourful Tights

Need a quick fix for the AW17 wardrobe? If you need a headache-free, affordable way of updating your seasonal look, colourful tights are key. Tights are no longer the boring after-thought according to the runways of Balenciaga, Mulberry and Céline. Think pretty and patterned, netted and hole-y, as well as bright and bold. Think anything but dull.

2. Space Age Fabrics

(Jacket - Moschino, Bag - Maison Margiela, Boots - Kenzo, Pants - Opening Ceremony, Available at Yoox)

Outerwear just got a futuristic upgrade. Fast forward to the year 3017 when everything we own is high-shine and so tinfoil-esque that we can do our hair and makeup with the reflection. Not only did Karl Lagerfeld build a Chanel rocket launchpad for his show at Grand Palais, but other designers appeared to be on board the space age mission too. Including the likes of Christopher Kane, Paco Rabanne and J.W Anderson.

3. Fantastic Plastics

PVC and high-shine outerwear is something that we need to celebrate in the world of fashion right now. Belgian designer Raf Simons made his Calvin Klein catwalk debut this year. His AW17 range featured coated jackets, similar to the looks presented at Fendi and Roksanda. If you think you could benefit from a wipe-clean coat that keeps spaghetti stains at bay, this is the trend for you.

4. Red for Danger

Do you remember the forest green hues of last winter? Remember the head-to-toe colour coordination that rocked the runways? Well it’s happening all over again. This time with the colour of passion and danger, red.

So ditch your trusty winter mulberry, plum or wine pieces. Those hues are way too drab for 2017; this is the winter to stand out like a siren. For optimum colour impact, team a tailored red jumpsuit with a designer overcoat and some red accessories (such as a Christian Lacroix tote or red Louboutins).

5. Futuristic Winter Eyewear

Visors and shield sunglasses are a great buy for shoppers who love to invest in accessories. Not only has Fendi, Givenchy and Chanel all featured big oversized shades on their models this year, but eye health is more significant than ever right now. With more and more reports on the effects of computer screens and sun exposure on eye health for current generations, it’s essential that everyone remembers the importance of sunglasses winter time.

Large lenses such as visor sunglasses and wraparound styles are even better because they provide added coverage. A win-win for style and practicality. If that’s not worth coughing up for in AW17, we don’t know what is.




For thousands of years our ancestors foraged and farmed what grew locally and naturally, when they harvested the fat of the land. In today’s society we have so much choice about what to eat but we often eat the worst kinds of food with the lowest nutritional value and highest calories. Junk food and imported supermarket stock does not resonate with the seasons and is damaging to our health in many ways. For instance, processed food from factory farms obsessed with quantity over quality will pump their livestock full of hormones and antibiotics, and spray dangerous chemical pesticides onto the crops that they harvest.

The dangers of using such pesticides and other chemicals, antibiotics and hormones is that these bioaccumulates in people over generations. Thus one of the possible side effect of continually using pesticides is that it lowers fertility rates, particularly amongst men. Fortunately, there are alternatives to factory farming. People can eat organic, local, free range and grass fed food that is responsibly sourced, and occurs within the natural order of the seasons. So to help you on your way to seasonal eating here is a list of some of the foods from each of the four seasons that also features some potentially exciting new recipes to try at home, starting with winter season:


After the fun of christmas and the New Year has past you are given a whole 12 months to meet your new year’s dietary and fitness resolutions. Start eating right from the beginning and beat the cold, depressive affective seasonal disorders of winter by getting plenty of exercise and sunlight, sticking to your fitness goals, and staying on form with little adjustments to your regular diet.

  • December, Christmas time, time to relax and settle down a bit. Try to stay fairly healthy this season by buying some carrots, swede, sprouts and turkey for the big festive dinner. Have some Turkey, brie and Cranberry Wellington or some curried cabbage for something different to tie into the seasonal festivities.
  • Then move onto January, the season of Clams, Kale and Carrots as well as oranges. Eat well this season by trying some potato and kale soup or some blood orange tart
  • February is one of the greenest months of year, so look out for savoy cabbage and leeks and make sure to try some leek and kale pearl barley risotto with bacon or some venison with braised and spiced red cabbage


Life has started to emerge from the snug crevices of hibernation and people are starting to prepare for the summer by getting in-shape and ready for the holiday beaches.

  • Start this spring season off in March with some spring beans and don’t forget to get some spring greens with black pepper & crème fraîche on the menu this month
  • April is the time of wild garlic, cauliflower and lamb which are all in and at their best for eating this month. Give some wild garlic salsa verde a go, try some cauliflower and chickpea curry recipe or maybe have a little taste of some hot harissa lamb with couscous
  • Rhubarb and Asparagus are at their best for May. Some recipe ideas for this month include either gooseberry and rhubarb with clotted cream, roast leg of pork with spiced rhubarb or some linguine with asparagus and egg


Summer is finally here again and people can start looking forward to their annual holidays on the beach or exploring new and exciting places abroad. But remember to stay healthy whilst enjoying the summer heat.

  • Firstly, June offers us some nice broad beans, fresh peas and some sweet strawberries to start off the summer. Nigel Slater’s pea, herb and mozzarella pie, broad bean hummus and the Eton Mess are all good ideas for cooking recipes this season.
  • July has some fresh lettuce and cherries with some nice meals to choose from which include Asian lettuce wraps, little gem with speck, thyme, and parsley, or some cherry and Almond Pudding as a nice dessert
  • August. Time for some cos lettuce, raspberries and plums and here are some of the ravishing repasts you can try this month: baby cos salad with preserved lemons, raspberry and lemon cheesecake as well as some delicious plum and almond tart for pudding.


We have now cycled round to autumn again and the leaves are starting to become crispy underfoot and vibrant in colour. Stay warm, healthy and properly nourished in the run up to Christmas this season with some more meal suggestions below

  • In September keep an eye out for courgettes and blackberries which are useful for making some pan fried sea bass with courgette ribbons and mussel soup, or a cheeky bit of blackberry whisky.
  • Prepare for the scary halloween month with some pumpkins, or get some pears and sweetcorn that are also in season this month. So get into season this October and try some pumpkin and chickpea tagine, or stick to some of the basics by making some sweetcorn fritters with slow-cooked tomatoes or some apple, pear and blackberry crumble
  • Potato, parsnip, swede and red cabbage are all in this November. So give some new recipes a go by trying some Herby root vegetable gratin or some Red cabbage sauerkraut

There you have it then, a list of healthy, organic food and delicious recipes to stay in tune with what’s naturally and locally available this season. So which month/season are you most looking forward to then? Comment below and share this article if you enjoyed it.



Is it going to be an LBD? Or a sparkly number? That is the question. The festive party season is fast approaching and if you haven’t planned your outfit for the party of the year yet, it’s time to hit that drawing board. Here are some of this season’s hottest trends to inspire you AW17 Christmas party look.

Lady in Red

Wear red if you want to impress. This winter, it’s all about the LRD so wave goodbye to those beautiful black frocks (just for one season, don’t worry) and get ready to be bold with this AW17 colourway. Tonal dressing is in too so you don’t need to worry about balancing out your red ensemble with some gold heels or nude accessories. The only way to do red this season is everything red - so getting matchy with red shoes, bag and lipstick is totally runway approved. Just ask Roksanda!

Colourful Tights

If you’re just not a red dress kinda gal and the little black dress is your seasonal go-to then add an AW17 style twist with some colourful tights. Bright tights (think candy pink, parrot yellow, tangerine orange and shamrock green) featured on every single one of Balenciaga’s AW17 catwalk looks. So they must mean business.

Style them with the right outfit and you’ll achieve high end chic! Just be sure to layer up with different fabrics, colours and textures to avoid your ensemble looking flat and one dimensional.

Metallic Sparkle

(L to R: Dresses by AMEN, Max Azria & Ella Luna available at Yoox)

Metals are always a big deal around this time of year. But this season’s look is all about shiny silver rather than rose gold or bronze. Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel spaceship which featured as a central focal point during the AW17 runway show in Paris, dresses are fast-forwarding to the future. Think reflective mirror surfaces, tin foil fabrics and anything sparkly enough to attract a magpie.

Other designers to look to for inspiration are Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne, Christopher Kane, Max Azria, Ella Luna and Comme des Garçons.

Oversized Bags

Big bags are back (phew!). Because last year’s microbag craze was as impractical as they come. And the world’s biggest hoarders are excited to be able to walk around with a suitcase once again.

Thanks to designers such as Chanel and Proenza Schouler, huge totes and shoulder bags are back in business. So if you’re looking for an on-trend way to add a casual edge to your evening look, opt for bigger rather than smaller when it comes to your carry-all.

Fancy Maxi Dresses

If short dresses make you squirm (hello, it’s freezing outside!) then you will fall in love with this year’s maxi dress trend. It’s all a part of this throw-it-on RTW mentality. That’s right, ready-to-wear just got even more, well, ready to wear. So you won’t have to think too hard about piecing things together for your next event.

For festive glam, think floral fancy from Gucci, dazzling embellishments from Dolce & Gabbana, or romantic ruffles from Alexander McQueen.



(Image source:

When it comes to accessories, the big question is: do you choose affordable high street or a designer investment? Decisions, decisions. Every wardrobe needs a good mix of both cherished items that can live on forever and trend-led front runners that will see you through the season. So it’s about choosing key pieces that mean the most to you and curating a capsule range that gives you great cost per wear.

Here are this year’s hottest accessories, with a designer desirable and a high street alternative to choose from. So you can find the perfect wardrobe pieces to suit your budget.

Happy shopping everyone…

The Monogram Tote

(Image source: Flickr)

Leather totes are a must-have accessory. Timeless, practical and beautiful, they will have a place in your wardrobe season after season. For beautifully chic and signature monogram design, go for Louis Vuitton or Gucci.

For more affordable luxury, opt for a top end high street name such as Michael Kors. Leather quality and hardware design will remain just as great, and you can still enjoy the beautiful monogram leather detailing as you would get with a classic LV.

(Image source: Michael Kors)

Heeled Mules

Mules have made a serious comeback this year. And the catwalk look is all about sky high but chunky heels (wave goodbye to the stiletto for now), platforms for added comfort, open toe for chic summer styling, and bold colours to transform dull feet into the feature of the outfit.

(Image source:

This beautiful accessory is the hottest buy of 2017 and it’s extremely versatile. Wear with daytime jeans or style up with your favourite LBD for an evening on the town. You’ll get so much wear out of the heeled mule and they’re going to stick around according to the catwalks.

Some of the designer mules to look out for include Miu Miu, Gianvito Rossi (pictured above from Yoox), Gucci and Givenchy. For high street, head for retailers such as New Look, H&M or Topshop.

(Image source: New Look)

The Microbag

This year’s coolest bag trend is the microbag. A miniature version of the much-loved cross body for those who like to travel light. If you’re the opposite of a hoarder and you get by with little more than your mobile phone, your credit cards and your favourite lippy, then the microbag is a must for your 2017 wardrobe.

(Image source:

It’s an all season must-have and will look great with daytime or evening attire. A great example of a designer microbag is the Sophie Hulme crossbody bag (available in several colours). This is a stunning downsized design of the famous Albion Tote.

For a high street bargain, opt for something simple with the same hardware features. Try brands such as Bershka, Red Herring, Fossil and Dune.

(Image source: ASOS)