Day 16

Alarm sounded at dawn. We got up, got our stuff together and were the first ones in to the breakfast area. At 7 our buss for Milford Sound and Fiordland departured. It was a 5hour bustrip out to the boat in Milford. After half the trip the scenery got breathtaking.

Then we boarded the boat in Milford Sound and had a very nice Japaneese Obento lunch. Up on deck we got to see some of the most beutiful fjords in the world. It was amazing. Waterfalls and snow covered moutain tops mixed with greenery and furseals.

When the 2 hour boat ride was over, we had two choices. Either we take the five hour bus trip back, or you take one of the taxies. We oppted for the taxi, which was by far the most expensive cabride I ever had. The busdriver dropped us at the Hellipad where Scott got us settled in the hellicopter who took us on an hour long flight back over middle earth to Queenstown. With a little stop up on the glaciers in the snow.

Then we had dinner at a nice italian restaurant. And yet again an early night, since our bus to Christchurch was leaving at 7 the following morning.

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Day 15

Christmas day morning, and all was quiet. Everyone slept as long as possible without risking to miss breakfast. Today was resting day. We took a stroll down town and just walked around. Had some lunch an then took the gondola up to the top of the mountain. It had a really nice view of Queenstown.

Then we went down to the harbour area and had some home msde gelato. Had roomservice dinner an just relaxed. Went to bed early, cuz the following day started at dawn.



Day 14

Woke up at the same time today. Christmas eve, one that would turn out to be the most spaced out ever. We had our breakfast and once again headed to the station house. This time to check in with Nevis. Nevis has the highest bungy jump in New Zealand, 134meters high. And a swing that gives a free fall of 70 meters before it takes you in a 300 meter arc across the canyon. When we got there they started to put a harness on me and Tinne, the daredevils who was going to take the 134 meter plunge. And then they took us out to the platform.

There they hooked the last equipment around our legs. Then I was first lemming to jump the ledge and Tinne to follow.

The feeling cant be explained... its pure adrenalin

Then we went over to the swing. The girls had decided to go tandem wile me and Gabriel went solo.

Their scream of joy was heard for miles.

Next up was Gabriel that defied his fear of hights.

When he got back you could see that he had a great experience. There were laughs mixed with shouts of joy.

Then it was my turn, and I decided to spice it up a little bit. So I did the swing upside down

It was another big adrenalin rush.

They shipped us back to the hotel with huge smiles. We had dinner and were knocked out. Tomorrow is resting day.



Day 13

We got up around 8 and packed our stuff together, had breakfast at the hotel and took a cab down to the station house. Thats were you check in to most of the activities in Queenstown. Today we are doing Shotover jetboats. After checking in we had time to look around town, and I decided to buy a gopro camera. Then we got bussed out to the Shotover river were they drive the boats in the canyons. We got big rain jackets and a lifewests before the stuck us in the boat.

The boats have two V8 engines pumping out a total of 800 liters of water per second. It gives them a top speed of 90 km per hour. They have a flat bottom which gives them the capacity to slide on the surface and the jets to give them good controll. It was an insane experience, and sooo fun! We sat in the grass and rested for a bit, happy knowing that we had bought the instant replay and would have another go in just an hour..... and yes, it was as fun the second time around as well.

Then it was time for one of Gabriels favourite moments. We had tickets to Star Wars: Rouge One at the theatre in Queenstown. It was a really good movie, and Gabriel was satisfied even though he found some flaws in the script.

Then back to the hotel and jump in to bed, getting ready for our xmas eve adventure.



Day 12

I got up early to return the car to the airport. Then I took the shuttle back in to the city where the others had done the last exploration of Dunedin. We took our bags and headed to the bus station and got on the bus that was going to take us on a 5 hour trip to Queenstown. For once I got to see the scenery.

When we arrived to Queenstown we were all struck by the fantastic landscape. Mountains and lakes, it was amazing. And our hotel was at the top of the hill with a view to kill for.

We had dinner at the hotel and then we turned out the lights, ready for some action the coming days.



Day 11

The alarm sounded at 7 and we only had 5 hours sleep. We had breakfast and started our drive out to the conservation area for the blue penguin. We had a tour at 9,30. But when we arrived it was closed. It was for 9,30 pm, so the early start was uncalled for. Swedes and their 24 hour clock messing it up. So instead we went back in to the city and looked around. Had lunch and then drove towards the yellow penguin tour, after checking the time twice. Got some nice pictures of both Dunedin and the scenery on the way out.

We arrived at the yellow eyed penguin tour in good time. First our gudie talked to us about the reasons this penguin was drasticly decreasing in numbers. And it was quit clear that a specific mammal had alot to do with it. She then showed us the hospital were they helped sick and injured penguins. One of their coolest penguins were there getting over a bite in the side from a sea lion. His name was Flax, and unlike the other yellow eyed penguins, he was social and had several homes in the habitat (including one of the outlook towers he had as his penthouse).

Then we got on a small bus and headed down to the conservation area. There they had built camoflaged trenches that took us to different nests. We got to see their oldest guy Jim, who just had a chick with his 3rd wife. There were some seals and younger birds there as well.

It was a very nice tour with a good guide.

After that it was back in to town for dinner before we, for the third time today, headed back out to the conservation area. It was time for the addorable blue penguin who only stands 25cm high. They head out to sea in the morning, to feed and stock up on food for the chicks ( december is when they have younglings). They will return in protection of the dark at dusk. So the pictures often turn a little blurry due to long shutter times. But we managed to get a couple that were decent.

We were the last out of 100 people on the tour to leave the deck. We had a wonderful day, and fell asleep with a smile on our faces.



Day 10

Today we got to sleep in again. Our flight takes of at 2pm. We got out in good time and had some burgers at Maccas (what they call McDonald's here). The 2hour kindergarden flight was ok, we got our car and drove the 30km to Dunedin and checked in to our hotel. Then we went for a stroll and had dinner in the octagon area. A really nice place called Ratbags, who served a very good pizza. The city had some really nice old buildings.

Then we had a quick laydown for 2 hours. Then it was time for the highlight of the trip. Go and pick up Tinne from the airport. It was awsome to see her again after 6 months. We were chatting away for a couple of hours. Then we forced ourselfs to go to sleep. We had a long day ahead of us.



Day 9

Checkout from the hotel at 10. Then a new trip on even narrower roads, and partly grovel. But the scenery was amazing.

We also made two stops on that road. One to see the Kuari grove, and one to see a beutiful waterfall.

Then we continued driving on the mountainroads tothe city of Thames were we had lunch.

Then the regular highway started. We drove to the airport hotel, returned our car and turned in for the night.

Tomorrow we fly to Dunedin and meet up with Tinne!!



Day 8

We had a bit of a sleep in today and didnt get up until 8,30. Packed our stuff and got in the car for a 40 minute drive up to the entrance to Narnia, cathederal cove. There we started the 45 minute hike down to the beach.

Cathederal cove is a beutiful place, but also crowded with people.

After a couple of hours we took the taxi boat back to were we parked. And drove to hot water beach.

There we rented a shovel and waited for low tide. As the water withdrew people started to walk out to the area were The thermal activity is under the sand. When you dig a hole, 60 degree water will start filing it.

Then we drove back to whitianga, had an early dinner at an Italian restaurant, and then chilled at the hotel. We have done so much in a few days, so laying down and reading felt great.

Another day in paradise.



Day 7

Our time in Rotorua had come to an end. We got in the car and started our 220km drive to Whitianga. The road started to get narrow as we got closer to the moutains. It became a slow but beutiful drive on the winding roads zigzaging up and down the mountain sides.

As we arrived to Whitianga it was like a different country. Long beaches, palmtrees and 25 degrees. We got a really nice appartment just by the beach. Gabriel and Ewa went on a sea shell hunt wile I shopped for groceries.

Later we went to a really nice restaurant called Salt, and had a lovely dinner.

After dinner we walked home and were in bed by midnight.