List of museums in New Zealand:

This source is reliable because if you search for the different museums you can se where they are. For an example I found my museum, and it was at the place they said it would be at.

Facts about New Zealand:

This source is not really reliable but it is not bad. Because it is a travel site and if you want to know where you are going and how it is in the country you can found out there.

Sea food:

I chose my sea food restaurant at because I did not know where to find the most popular sea food restaurants in New Zealand. It is reliable because you can google the name of the restaurant I chosed and then find out more about it.

I found out more about how much vine is important for the people in New Zealand.

Bic Ruga:

Wikipedia can be a bad source because it can be written by anyone. But the site is reliable because I looked up other sites with the same information about Bic Runga. The song I found is from


On this website I found out more about rugby because I did not know anything about it earlier. It is a reliable source because it is a "ten facts about..." website, it is not only about rugby, but different kind of stuff. Somethings is not even 100% real. But it can be, which I wrote in my blog.

Westpac stadium:

​I got my fact about the Westpac stadium on this source. β˜πŸ‘† Because it is about a rugby club. 

The haka dance/war dance:​

I found out more about the haka dance on wikipedia, as earlier it can be written by anyone. I still choose to write my facts from that page because it is the same facts that is on any other site I have looked up.​​

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It is time for me too leave New Zealand. It is sad, but I had such a god time over here. Clearly I really liked this country​ and I will probably visit it again. I will probably not eat sea food in Sweden, I got enough of that all ready.

It is kind of funny because, in Sweden we eat all kind of food, but in New Zealand it is not so popular to eat "swedish meatballs". πŸ˜‚ The people over here are really nice to each other. In Sweden it is not even normal to smile to someone, if you do not know them. They would think you are crazy. 
Here is a collage of every thing I have seen in this beautiful country:



Today I went to "Westpac stadium", it was called "westpactrust" stadium first, but then they changed the name of the stadium. It is one of the largest rugby stadiums in Wellington, but is also used for playing cricket. They have also used the stadium for rugby league. They built the stadium in 1999 and it was on a former railway land, it has a capacity of 34,500! That is huge! The Westpac stadium was built because they had to replace the city's old rugby stadium, "Athletic Park". The stadium is still full of different events every year, since 1999, when they built it.

Rugby is the most famous sport in New Zealand. They "say" that William Webb Ellis is the founder of rugby, 1823. Because when Webb Ellis caught the ball while playing football at school,he lifted it up and ran to the goal with it. But you never know. πŸƒ Rugby is named after Rugby School, where they say that the first game was played.

According to the fastest man in rugby must be Carlin Isles. He grew up in Massillon, Ohio, where he endured a tough childhood.🏒🏫

In New Zealand they dance a traditional war-dance before the game starts. The dance is called the "haka-dance". I personally really like it and find it very interesting.πŸ’ƒ Some people say that they do it so they can intimidate their opposition. Is not that really clever of them? πŸ˜„

I found it really interesting, the thing I learned. In Sweden we do not have any dance at all.  All our sports are from other countries. Rugby is not really so popular in Sweden, but there is people who played rugby.​

In the video you can see how the haka dance look like. In this game New Zealand played against France in rugby. β€‹



Here in New Zealand you here a lot of the singer "Bic Runga" on the radio. I actually like the way she sings. Bic Runga is a very famous pop artist in New Zealand. She came number one in "New Zealand top 40 album charts". She is even famous in Australia and Ireland. She is the most popular singer in New Zealand.πŸŒŸβ€‹πŸŽ΅β€‹

The song I have got stuck on is hello hello! The song makes me happy so I really think you should check it out! Who knows maybe you will like it too?β€‹πŸŽΆβ€‹πŸ‘§β€‹πŸ˜Šβ€‹πŸ‘Œβ€‹



Yesterday after the museum I was so starving and I could not wait to eat. Since seafood is really popular in New Zealand I chose to eat at "Fisherman's table" it was super delicious. Seafood is a pretty standard meal in New Zealand. Mostly because there are so many different seafood and marine animals around New Zealand.

πŸ πŸ™πŸŸπŸ²



Today I visited a museum named "Te Papa Tongarewa" in Wellington. The museum is about the maori people in New Zealand and about their culture. You can see in the pictures I posted how they lived and what kind of things they used. This is what i learned:

New Zealand became New Zealand with help of an Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman and an Englishman James Cook. Abel Tasman was on a voyage in the Pacific Ocean 1642. He thought he had discovered a new continent. More than a hundred years later James Cook sailed away to try to find that continent. He wanted to see if Abel Tasman was right. After fifteen months, James reached New Zealand. He discovered that New Zealand was not a continent, it was two islands. James wanted peace with the native people who lived in New Zealand, but the native people was afraid of the white people. After James Cook voyage Europeans started coming to New Zealand. The people that arrived in New Zealand were whale and seal hunters and they wanted to bring the Christianity to the native people, the Maoris. New Zealand become a British colony in 1840, the new rulers made a treaty with the Maoris hoping that this would bring peace. The treaty said that the Maoris owned their lands. But the settlers did not like the treaty, so they killed the Maori instead. The Maori fought back and the white people died. In 1881 the Maoris were defeated. The British took control of New Zealand and the Maoris lost their lands and rights. That is how New Zealand became a English Speaking Country.



It is the first day in New Zealand and I absolutely adore it. I love the weather compared with Sweden.πŸŒ…

Since New Zealand lies close to the coast, it is a mild temperature every year. In summer the highest temperature can be up to 20-30ΒΊC. New Zealand has little air pollution compared to many other countries, which makes the UV rays in their sunlight very strong. The sunlight can quickly burn skin from September to April, especially between 10am and 4pm, even on cloudy days.

When we have summer in Sweden, they have vinter time in New Zealand. But when we have vinter, they have summer. β˜β˜”β˜€β›„

Tomorrow I will write more about a history museum I am going to. To be continued!

I thought you would like to see some Pictures of some different parts of the country.β€‹β€‹βœ¨



Hi, my name is Sandra and I won a trip to New Zealand in a lottery. On this blog I will write about the trip I took to New Zealand and everything I learned about their culture. I hope you will learn something new! 😊✨

This is a map over New Zealand.πŸ β€‹