The Role of Augmented Reality and Technology in Online Gaming

What Role Does Augmented Reality Play in Gaming?

Playing Pokemon Go outside on a bike path surrounded by trees

Anyone who has played Pokemon Go will have already experienced the incredible ways that augmented reality (AR) can be used in gaming. For one, it seems to combine the best of both real-life games and online games, and is a wonderful way to bring gaming to the outside world.

To learn more, in this post we will explore some more ways that AR and technology are playing a role in the development of gaming.

5 ways augmented reality and technology are changing the world of gaming

1. Games are becoming more dynamic

Using Pokemon Go as an example, AR and technology are shaping gaming to include elements of the outside world, which is a whole new challenge for gaming! As many people would have heard, when the game first started there were Pokemon popping up all over the place, which forced gaming developers to take in the surrounding environment when building games. This interplay of gaming development, and making it adapt to the outside world, is definitely making gaming more dynamic, and we’re excited to see what’s in store!

2. Games can be played outside

When bringing AR and technology to gaming, this means that gaming can now take place in different locations, not just at home. This adds a whole new type of dimensions to the games we can play. Some people might prefer to play games at home, but AR offers adventurous players the opportunity to step outside of their usual gaming environment and explore the outside world. What’s more, the opportunity to make this a fun way to explore your city is endless, and one that both gaming and property developers can take advantage of.

3. Gaming development is changing forever

While all types of technology will affect the way games are developed, AR is going to change the way games are made forever, both from a technical and physical aspect. This is because AR games are designed to be immersive, similar in a way to VR, so the thinking behind these games is very different to how you would design a game where someone is just sitting behind a screen. For one, this is definitely going to make gaming developers more creative, as they will have to think about how external aspects will affect the course of a game, or how they can be used to greater effect. It’s an exciting time for sure, and considering how popular Pokemon Go is, there are sure to be more exciting things in store.

4. Gaming hardware will evolve

Apart from the all of the physical aspects of playing a game with AR, there are all the hardware factors to think about. To process so much data, consoles and other devices will need to be able to handle a lot of data, which is similar to VR . This means that the way gaming hardware is designed is also changing, and could lead to other new and exciting developments in related industries. From an online gaming perspective, this just means crisper and more lifelike images, as well as more dynamic user interfaces.

5. Augmented reality will change the way we see the world

All of the points we’ve mentioned above also highlight the fact that playing AR games will change the way we see the world. No longer will we just walk through a park, without wondering if Pikachu is hiding somewhere. Or, if you’re a fan of finding more scary creatures, you will never look at your city the same way again once you’ve found some velociraptors while playing Jurassic World Alive.

Final thoughts on augmented reality and technology in online gaming

In the post above, we’ve covered some of the ways in which AR and technology are changing the world of gaming. So, to sum it all up, the role that they are playing is multifaceted, from changing the way we approach games, to the ways they are designed, and the way that the hardware that supports them is designed too. In addition to all that, more immersive games are also going to change the way we interact with our environment forever, whether it’s by looking for creatures, encountering dinosaurs or even playing virtual paintball.